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This article is a strategy guide for Temple of Aminishi.
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The Temple of Aminishi is a large underground complex that houses Seiryu the Azure Serpent. In order to attempt a raid, the quest Impressing the Locals must be completed.


There are five sections in the temple. In order to progress further into the temple, players must kill the monsters guarding the barriers.

A chest can be found in the second, fourth and final sections of the temple which serve as quick-teleports and collect loot if desired. Disabling the auto-loot feature gives a 20% chance of doubled drops. It is not recommended to pick up the drops due to the large-scale fighting players will encounter and will waste valuable spots for boss fights. Most enemies will drop items, the only exceptions being waterfiends (who just drop water runes) and defence pylons. The only time auto-loot should be disabled is during a boss fight to potentially double drops.

Players can teleport out of the dungeon via conventional teleports, including during boss fights.

During boss fights, barriers will appear when the fight initiates, preventing access by other members if they are not inside the arena. For this reason, all players should be inside the arena before challenging the boss. Should the boss prevail in defeating the team, players must leave the dungeon completely to reset the boss encounter.

The enemies are fairly unique in many ways. Almost every enemy is grouped with others and thus share the same aggression; should one of these enemies spot a player, fellow group members will also pursue the player, even if they cannot see the player due to obstructions such as corners. Healing Sotapanna, when they cast their healing spell, will cause nearby enemies to become aggressive. Enemies will relentlessly pursue players throughout the whole section.

Throughout the temple will be several barriers blocking the team's path. There are several enemies linked to these barriers, and once all "linked" enemies are killed, the barrier will dissipate. This also causes most non-linked enemies to despawn on further visits.

Enemies which utilise adrenaline are affected by Siphon and Natural Instinct as if it was a player-versus-player situation.

The attempt lasts for an indefinite amount of time, including group attempts if all members stay in the group.

Bosses & Minibosses

There are three bosses and a varying amount of minibosses which can be encountered in the Temple of Aminishi. Minibosses do not have to be killed in order to progress and act much like the common mobs throughout the Temple. They appear randomly throughout the raid and it is possible to not have specific minibosses in each attempt.

Both bosses and mini-bosses are denoted on the minimap as (Demon flash mobs map icon).

Killing either boss or mini-boss yields rolls on their drop tables in addition to 5,000 dungeoneering tokens in normal mode, or 500 in story mode. Mini-bosses share the same drops as common mobs while bosses roll on both a boss drop table and common mob table. The spawns of the mini-bosses are set but their appearance is random. Four mini-bosses are always guaranteed in each attempt.

If you enter a section of the Temple and then leave, then minibosses will despawn along with the regular enemies.

Killing all the main and mini-bosses will reward the player with 35,000 tokens in normal mode, or 3,500 in story mode.





For players who intend to complete a raid as fast as possible (as the common monsters don't have any notable rewards, and minibosses often eat up a significant amount of time), speedrunning is commonly used in order to defeat Seiryu faster. Players should only focus on monsters that are the most dangerous or are linked to barriers.

Section I - Entry

Kill the seven Elite Sotapanna (two at the bottom of the staircase, the healer patrolling around and the group of four to the left barrier). Skip all enemies up until the group of nine Elite Sotapanna; clump and use AoE abilities to quickly dispose of them. Players should be wary if Xiang the Water-shaper is nearby, as he can prove to be a hassle when dealing with the Sadakagamis. Clear off any bleeds obtained from the Elite Sotapannas after running past the mage that often triggers Xiang's aggression if he is there. Clear the three Elite Sadakagamis guarding the barrier to the next room.

Section II - The Sanctum

Kill the group guarding the first barrier, then Surge diagonally to the Elite Sadakagami on the west side. Move all the way down and kill the three Elite Sadakagami at the western barriers. Using Reflect is optional to minimise damage taken from the dragons. When the last set of Sadakagami are killed, run back to the chest, teleport back to the first room and leave the dungeon. Upon returning, the western side of dragons will have disappeared.

If necessary, resupply for the fight against the Sanctum Guardian.

Section III - Azure Caverns

Skip all enemies idling about and only attack any Cloaked Zealot guarding the barriers, and the three Death Lotus rogues that patrol the hallway leading the circular room.

Section IV - Throne Room

Kill the Elite Sadakagami guarding the barrier. If the two Sotapanna nearby become aggressive, kill the healer first. Surge down to the entrance hall and kill the four Renegade Menaphite soldiers, along with the two eastern mercenaries at the bottom of the staircase as they are linked to the middle barrier. Kill off the sellswords and mercenaries guarding the side hallways if they turn aggressive. Run east after the soldiers are killed and kill the four Cloaked zealots there, as there are two Elite Sotapanna healers who tend to get stuck while patrolling on the west side. Teleport out after the zealots are killed.

Resupply for the fight against Masuta.

Section V - Azure Prison

Skip the first four Defence Pylons and destroy the seven up ahead. Resupply for the fight against Seiryu.


This section assumes the player is attempting the dungeon on Normal Mode; for story mode, reduce all health by 50% and damage taken by roughly 66%.


This area contains only Elite Sotapannas and Elite Sakadagamis. The Sotapannas carry a single weapon of the combat triangle, so they may either use Melee, Ranged or Magic. Some Sotapannas are capable of healing their allies for 50% of their maximum health and can be easily indicated with an ornate Seiryu mask. Elite Sakadagamis act much like their standard counterparts outside the island.

There is a chest at the very entrance.

Several kelp, raw great white sharks and a sea turtle can be found in the kitchen and dining area.

The Sanctum

This area contains a single Elite Sotapanna (healer), multiple Elite Sakadagamis, anagamis and arhats. Unlike the Anagamis and Arhats outside the temple, the ones located inside simply use standard magic attacks. It is recommended to kill the anagami and arhats as they will follow players into the fight with the Guardian, attacking from outside the arena.

A chest can be found near The Sanctum Guardian.

The barriers leading to the spirit dragons influence their placement; if the eastern barrier is removed, one Arhat will spawn near the barrier leading to the Sanctum Guardian, while the remaining six will be further up ahead. Removing the western barrier swaps the placement of this group instead, while clearing both sides removes all Anagami and Arhat.

Sanctum Guardian

The Sanctum Guardian

The Sanctum Guardian, the first boss.

Mechanic 1: Melee & Ranged attacks

The Sanctum Guardian has 450,000 health and uses melee and ranged attacks. Players should start off the kill by standing in the north-east corner. The first player to engage in combat with the Guardian will be focused with located ranged attacks which have a 3x3 AoE, so moving two spaces away as soon as the Guardian launches the projectile will ensure that it is dodged. Four attacks after this ranged attack, the Guardian splashes a large blast of water at the surrounding area for heavy melee damage. This attack has significantly more range on the western side.

Mechanic 2: Water torrent

As the fight progresses, the Guardian will unleash a torrent of water in a counter-clockwise, 360 degree position, dealing up to 7,000 damage if players are hit by it. This attack can be avoided by standing on the north-eastern part of the arena and moving to the north-western part as the water passes through, it can also be safely avoided with Resonance, can be Surged through or players can move from the north-east to the north-west corner.

Mechanic 3: Purple flames

One auto-attack after this torrent attack, she will pick a player and infect them with corruption, causing a bar to appear over them. When the bar empties, purple flames appear in a 5x5 spot and deal rapid, gradually increasing damage. These spots should be avoided at all costs, as while they may start off at 600-700 damage per tick, they quickly cap to 5,500 damage every half-tick and can easily kill players in seconds.

Mechanic 4: Summons It also summons Crassian reinforcements around every three torrent attacks, though they can be ignored.

The fishy treat may be used to instantly dismiss the Guardian in a manner similar to a Deathtouched dart; however, it will reappear should the team die before reaching the next checkpoint.

Azure Caverns

This area contains sea crocodiles, waterfiends, Death Lotus rogues, eastern mercenaries, Cloaked zealots, Hanto sellswords and Renegade Menaphite soldiers.

The area is fairly straightforward with no bosses. Eastern mercenaries and Renegade Menaphite soldiers are capable of using abilities. Cloaked zealots can summon crassian warriors, who have low health but use powerful melee attacks and tend to stack quickly, especially in areas with multiple zealots.

The most dangerous enemies in this section are Hanto sellswords and Death Lotus rogues as they can easily kill an unwary player in seconds. After several auto-attacks, the sellswords will yell Die by the blade!; one auto-attack after yelling this quote, they will spin their warspears around, dealing up to 2,500 damage per tick for several seconds to anyone in range. Death Lotus rogues will yell You are no more!, spinning on the spot while tossing darts all around them which can deal extremely rapid damage of up to 2,000 every half-tick while performing auto-attacks at the same time, allowing them to "chain" this attack in an endless loop. Both the sellswords and rogues' special attack can be stopped by stunning them.

The only enemies that continually respawn are the sea crocodiles and waterfiends in the circular room, so players should run past them and kill the zealot at the other side.

A few raw great white shark spawns can be found in two storage areas occupied by renegade Menaphites.

Throne Room

This area contains Death Lotus rogues, Eastern Mercenaries, Cloaked Zealots, Hanto sellswords, Renegade Menaphite Soldiers and Elite Sotapannas (mostly healers).

There is a chest (which serves as a checkpoint) on the left side of the arena just before Masuta.

Clearing the western side of zealots will result in the large middle group despawning upon further visits; clearing the eastern group will not result in the removal of the middle group.

A 3-dose prayer potion can be found in the training room, along with a 2-dose Super adrenaline potion (or another 3-dose prayer potion) in the dormitory. An altar can also be found south of the dormitory which can restore prayer points.

Masuta the Ascended

Masuta the Ascended

Masuta the Ascended, the second boss.

At the end of this chamber lies Masuta the Ascended, who has 550,000 health. He uses all three forms of the combat style and has three phases.

Phase 1 - Start
Mechanic 1: Long ranged basic attacks

Masuta attacks with long-ranged melee with the occasional ranged attack. He will attack with multiple abilities at his disposal:

Mechanic 2: Clones

Masuta summons a clone (two in groups) which roundhouse kicks all players in range for high melee damage. As the clone is treated as a separate monster, Debilitate has no effect on it. Masuta also performs an auto-attack the same time he creates clones, meaning that nearby players can be hit up to three times if he summons them. Straying too far from Masuta will result in the clone dealing full, unblockable damage.

Mechanic 3: Hurricane

Masuta performs Hurricane, spinning around rapidly while dealing gradually increasing melee damage as time progresses. While reduced to walking speed, Masuta has more reach compared to the melee brothers in Barrows: Rise of the Six, damaging anyone up to three spaces of him. He is temporarily immune to damage when he starts this attack (roughly one second; however, it does clear any bleed if it was used prior to this attack)

Mechanic 4: Purple energy

Masuta will conjure purple energy around him which will then crash into the ground and deal heavy magic damage on the targeted tile. Sometime after this, he will perform Tsunami with this energy, damaging anyone in front of him for heavy magic damage.

  • Pulverise: Masuta will look at his target and yell I will pulverise you! before casting Pulverise, dealing heavy melee damage in a cone AoE in the direction he is facing.

Both the clones and pulverise can be used at any time during the first phase, which are not integrated in his attack pattern. Masuta will use several auto-attacks followed by Hurricane, after which he uses more auto-attacks followed by the purple energy. Masuta will use clones during the purple energy attack, so players should take advantage of this to avoid being hit by the follow-up tsunami. This pattern continues until he reaches roughly 50% of his health; if he performs an ability when his health falls below this amount, then he will start phase 2 afterwards.

Phase 2 - Levitation
Mechanic 1: Thrashing waters

Masuta levitates above the ground and gains a massive defence and damage reduction buff, but stops attacking players. During this time, he continuously summons thrashing waters; each one has 8,000 health, uses rapid magic attacks and are stun, reflect and poison immune. The waters will appear at any location inside the arena and have a very long attack range. While some may spawn out of range, it is still recommended to destroy them for the "Calm Waters" buff. When a thrashing water is destroyed, any player within 3 spaces of it will get a "Calm Waters" buff which will reduce Masuta's magic attack in the next phase. Masuta conjures 14-15 thrashing waters, and when the last one is summoned he will follow up with the phrase These waters will choke you where you stand!, triggering the final phase. Players should use Debilitate as soon as he lands (since he has increased defence while floating) and destroy any remaining waters if they are attacking the player.

Phase 3 - Final
Mechanic 1: Rapid ranged, purple waters

Masuta stops using melee and begins using rapid Ranged attacks. After 3-5 ranged attacks, he will jump to the ceiling before slamming down with a large wave of purple water that can deal up to 8,000 damage on all players. As it is a standard attack, it can be reduced as with all other sources of damage. The "Calm Waters" buff is extremely helpful in this phase; as a stack of 70% means that the attack will not deal more than 1,500 damage through prayers. Players with a stack of 40% or lower should keep their health high as it can deal a large amount of damage, and flick his ranged attacks if possible; otherwise, keep Protect/Deflect Magic on at all times.

Note: Should you be signed during the last phase, any "Calm Waters" buff will dissipate, making his magic attack extremely dangerous. It is recommended to teleport out if this happens.

Once he is killed, a hidden staircase reveals itself. Note that if he is killed on the staircase with auto-loot disabled, players must use Telekinetic Grab in order to grab any rewards he drops.

The Azure Prison

This area contains Defence Pylons.

Defence Pylons should not be underestimated; despite their seemingly low combat level, they are reflect immune, deal up to 1,000 magic damage every tick and have massive range like the thrashing waters. To compensate for this, they only have 10,000 health and have somewhat low defence.

A player should run in and tank the pylons with Protect/Deflect Magic. The first section contains 4 pylons, while the second section contains 7. Do not attempt to attack the pylons without Devotion, Reflect or Barricade available, or the pylons will kill players in seconds.

Skip the initial four pylons and run to the second section, as these pylons are not linked to anything and disappear when the cluster of seven up ahead are destroyed. This is where players should use Devotion, and at least three of these pylons must be destroyed in Devotion's duration; if this is not achieved, it is recommended to teleport out. The pylons target the closest player and players can stand under them without any repercussions. Upon their destruction, they leave behind the plinth supporting them, which "blocks" in a manner similar to Vitalis.

Once the pylons are destroyed, a final chest can be found as the checkpoint. Seiryu the Azure Serpent lies ahead. It is recommended to resupply before confronting Seiryu.

Seiryu the Azure Serpent

Seiryu the Azure Serpent

Seiryu, the final boss.

Mechanic 1: Basic attacks & survival

Players should focus primarily on their ability to survive rather than trying to damage Seiryu quickly, as getting hit by the shadow hands often results in an extremely quick death with very little time to react. Seiryu's standard attacks are not as strong compared to his abilities, and the deep breath attack often heals up most of the damage dealt from his auto-attacks. Note that Resonance does not have enough time to heal from every deep breath attack as his attack pattern will change drastically as the fight progresses, but there is enough time to alternate between it and Devotion, Reflect or Debilitate.

Mechanic 2: Splitting fire stream

Seiryu attacks with magic by aiming a stream of purple fire towards the centre of the arena that splits into more streams that hit all players in the chamber. Occasionally, he will take a deep breath (indicated by a popup message box) before sweeping a massive wave of fire onto the arena dealing up to 8,000 magic damage. This is a standard magic attack, so it has the potential to miss; sometimes, it is possible to obtain a second hit which deals less damage, much like Vorago's "missed" magical attacks. This attack can be avoided by running under the sides of Seiryu's head, but that is not recommended as it may leave the player vulnerable to the arrow hand attack as the fight progresses. Vulnerability and Enfeeble will increase the damage taken by the boss and reduce the damage he inflicts by 10% respectively and should be taken to make the fight easier.

Mechanic 3: Shadow tail

Throughout the fight, he also lowers his tail into the shadow, causing up to three shadows to appear under the players, one at a time. Move out of the way, as they will deal damage starting from 1,800 damage and will gradually increase. These are integrated into Seiryu's attack pattern. Their AoE is somewhat erratic as while the pool is formed, it has a 3x3 AoE while the subsequent tendrils have either a 1x1 or 3x3 AoE.

Mechanic 4: Shadow root

After the first deep breath attack, Seiryu will perform a "shadow root" attack much like Solak; a flashing arrow will appear over the targeted tile, while a temporary compass indicating its direction will appear under players. Black energy will also flow to that tile. When the energy reaches the tile, shadow hands will rush towards all players' positions at the same time (the compass will also disappear, indicating the direction of the hands). Standing under the targeted tile will ensure no hands will spawn for that player, but it is not necessary when fighting alone. He does not perform auto-attacks while the energy is channeling to the tile.

Sometime after this attack, Seiryu will perform a second deep breath attack. Several auto-attacks after this, he will slightly raise his head and cause an "arrow" of shadow hands to emerge from one of four potential spots near his head. Like the root attack, it can be easily avoided with a discerning eye.

Both types of attacks have a 3x3 AoE and will deal up to 4,500 damage per tick to any player caught in them, so it is imperative to avoid them or players will suffer a quick death.

Seiryu will continue following his attack pattern, and at times he will use both the root and arrow hand attacks, so players must quickly adapt to avoid being killed by either of these attacks. Oftentimes when he uses both of these attacks at once there is enough time to use Resonance even if it had been used on the deep breath attack prior to this attack pattern.

Mechanic 5 & 6: Black crystals, shadow enigmas

Continue damaging Seiryu until he reaches 7,200,000 health, after which he collapses and becomes unattackable. Players must destroy the black crystals on his collar; each one has 250,000 health (200,000 in duo and 150,000 solo). Jump onto his collar and attack the crystals; for groups, one/two players should jump on each side while the other stays behind. A portal will appear, soon followed by a black hand which slithers back down and begins to summon several shadow enigmas, which move towards Seiryu. Should an enigma touch Seiryu, it will turn into energy and heal every crystal for 50,000 health.

Do not attempt to jump onto Seiryu's shackles until all shadow hands dissipate, as players can take damage while jumping and any damage taken will be incurred in one tick, which will often sign and kill players instantly. While jumping to and from the shackle, any damage the player deals will be ignored.

A common method to deal with the crystals is to first cast Vulnerability followed by Sunshine. Dominion mines work on the crystals and will deal 10,000 damage to them, which significantly speeds up their destruction. As only two mines can be placed every minute, this gives 20,000 additional damage without much effort. While it is possible to set four mines, it is not recommended as the player will be tossed back to the main platform before the second set of mines goes off, wasting them.

Players have roughly a minute before Seiryu tosses the players back onto the platform; this is roughly a few seconds after the final 2 enigmas appear from the portal. This will stun and bind players for 6 seconds. Finish off any remaining shadow enigmas before focusing on Seiryu. In a group of 3, the crystals can be destroyed in 2-3 rotations, while solo should expect 3-4 rotations; however, it is possible to clear them under 2 rotations with sufficient DPS. Each destroyed crystal will increase the speed at which the shadow hands move, so players should be cautious as the fight progresses.

Once all 3 crystals are destroyed, Seiryu is freed and the fight ends.

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