Birds of the Arc

Birds of the Arc is an activity in the Arc. Players can try to find all sixteen birds listed in the Arc Journal Birds pages. There are two descriptions for each bird - one before sighting it and a different description after it has been found.

Players can get hints about bird locations from Odd Billy on Cyclosis. After discovering a new bird in the Arc, players will no longer have the option to inspect that type of bird again.

Some birds appear on certain islands at particular times, while others are drawn by player activities such as skilling. Birds are not instanced and they do not appear on the minimap. All skill-related birds can be spawned on the named Arc islands and on Uncharted Isles by participating in the corresponding activities. No matter the size of the voyage, there is about a 10% chance[source needed] that players will encounter a bird, so short voyages are the most efficient when trying to find these birds.

Island specific birds spawn every 30 minutes starting on the hour, stay active for ten minutes, and are synchronised across all worlds. On some occasions, they may spawn a little bit early or late.

Bird Log

Bird Picture Trigger Event Location Text (before and after)
Cyclosis Cockatiel Cyclosis Cockatiel Time Thursday On Cyclosis at the south-eastern beach. This bird is occasionally found on Cyclosis.

It attracts mates by hopping around in circles and dancing.

Pumpkin Limpkin Pumpkin Limpkin Skilling Farming/Foraging Mushroom clusters or berry bushes throughout the Arc. This bird is found near farming and foraging patches.

This curious bird looks for scraps of food in crop fields and berry patches.

Cyansoul Kakapo Cyansoul Kakapo Skilling Siphoning springs Divination colonies throughout the Arc. This bird is found near ancestral energy.

Its feathers are allegedly the same colour as the great spirit dragon, Seiryu. It is attracted to spiritual energy.

Tortleshell Plover Tortleshell Plover Skilling Hunting tortles Tortle colonies throughout the Arc. This bird is found near tortles.

This bright pink bird is often seen hitching free rides on the backs of tortles.

Dusky Wigglebill Dusky Wigglebill Skybox Tuesday / Dusk On Tuesday, this bird can be found in Aminishi's spirit realm, at the west beach. While using NXT, this bird can also be found on Uncharted Isles[note 1] and treasure map islands. This bird is normally only seen at dusk.

These birds compete for territory by seeing who can wiggle their heads the fastest and most erratically.

Titchy Tinamou Titchy Tinamou Time Friday on The Islands That Once Were Turtles, Tuesday and Thursday on Uncharted Isles On the first island of The Islands That Once Were Turtles, at the northern end of the west beach, or on Uncharted Isles. This bird is found on uncharted isles.

This unfortunate creature is nearly extinct. It is delicious.

Azure Parrot Azure Parrot Skilling Cooking arc gumbo or shark soup Fires and ranges in the Arc. You don't have to be cooking, but that's where the bird appears on Waiko. This bird is attracted by cooking soups and stews in the Wushanko isles.

This bird has a keen sense of smell and often begs for food.

Awah Guan Awah Guan Skilling Mining sea salt or alaea salt Near crablet spawns on Uncharted Isles or by the salty crabletines on Cyclosis. This bird is attracted to salt.

These creatures are often found circling crablets. They love to bathe in salt to keep their feathers shiny.

Great Pecker Great Pecker Skilling Cutting bamboo or golden bamboo Bamboo trees throughout the Arc. This bird is attracted by woodcutting.

These curious birds will instantly become friendly when you offer them food. They eat practically anything, including bamboo.

Tuai Leit Toucan Tuai Leit Toucan Time Saturday On Tuai Leit, west of the rumberry bushes. This bird is occasionally found on Tuai Leit.

It likes to drag its massive beak through the sand in the hope of catching small creatures.

Waiko Warbler Waiko Warbler Time Sunday Waiko marketplace. This bird is occasionally found on Waiko.

The Waiko villagers occasionally sing a song that exactly matches the call of this bird.

Fluffy Jublet Fluffy Jublet Time Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Uncharted Isles. This bird is found on uncharted isles.

This bird is often hunted by Death Lotus assassins because its feathers are extremely soft and make lovely pillows

Cocoa Macaw Cocoa Macaw Time Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Uncharted Isles. This bird is found on uncharted isles.

Contains 0% cocoa. Unless I feed it some cocoa, I guess.

Gongdung Peligorn Gongdung Peligorn Time Wednesday On Goshima at the south-western beach. This bird is occasionally found on Goshima.

Found predominantly around the shorelines of Goshima, it hoovers up fish with startling efficiency.

Crested Sillago Snatcher Crested Sillago Snatcher Time Monday On Whale's Maw above the east docks, by Hubbub the Whaler. This bird is occasionally found on Whale's Maw.

A familiar sight on Whale's Maw. Fishermen often throw small morsels at them to distract them from the main catch.

Shrine Ibis Shrine Ibis Time Tuesday On Aminishi near the statue that's used by the monks in a cleansing ritual. This bird is occasionally found on Aminishi.

This dazzling creature picks on the charred remains of ill-prepared adventurers on the island of Aminishi. Sometimes berries too.


  1. ^ Using a hammock to change the time of day does not work unless the claimed island already has an active Dusky Wigglebill spawn.


After spotting all the birds, players can speak to Odd Billy on Cyclosis to be rewarded with a pet bird named Iago. The player will also get a Completion Stamp on the home page of their Arc Journal.

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