The Bird and the Beast world event offered players several rewards, most of which were bought with Renown from the Armadylean quartermaster or Bandosian quartermaster on their respective Requisitions shops. Others were earned while participating in parts of the event, or constructed with Sacred metal fragments. Over the course of the event, Tier 2 rewards unlocked at the beginning of phase 3 (or after 10 days), and Tier 3 unlocked at the beginning of phase 5 (or after 20 days). Originally, Tier 2 would unlock with phase 4 and Tier 3 at phase 7, but this was revised during the second phase.[1] After the conclusion of the world event, the rewards shop stayed open until the first content update after 19 February 2014.

The total cost of all emotes, armour, and titles from one faction as well as all abilities is 721,000 renown. To buy all rewards from both factions, players would require a minimum of 1,164,000 renown.


By joining a faction, the player gained a small overhead icon, matching his or her god's symbol. This was disabled or enabled by checking "Display allegiance" under the "Adventures" interface. However while inside the event areas, the symbol was always displayed. When PvP is enabled, the symbol was displayed larger.


When a player signed up with a faction, they received a bronze token from their recruiter. It upgraded automatically as players "check contribution" or when they equipped the token, no renown was needed to upgrade it. The token provided 10 daily teleports to your faction's camp from anywhere in the world, including from up to level 40 Wilderness.

It is equipped in the pocket slot, and can be used to perform an emote while equipped.

Token Total score required Effects (cumulative)
Armadyl symbol Bandos symbol Tier Upgrade Cumulative
Bronze Armadylean token Bronze Bandosian token Bronze 0
  • None
Silver Armadylean token Silver Bandosian token Silver 31,000 31,000
  • Increased the amount of divine energy gained (1/10 chance)
Gold Armadylean token Gold Bandosian token Gold 59,000 90,000
  • Increased the building construction/destruction rate by 5%.
Runite Armadylean token Runite Bandosian token Runite 110,000 200,000
  • Reduced the damage received from the enemy faction's units by 5%.
Dragon Armadylean token Dragon Bandosian token Dragon 250,000 450,000
  • Provided a 5% resistance to opposing player interference.

The number of points required meant that, assuming normal gameplay, members originally required a minimum of 15 days to acquire a Dragon token, while free players required a minimum 33 days to reach the same point total. Starting the sixth phase on 5 January, the daily cap was increased, which reduced the number of days required to 10 for members and 22 for free players. The number of days could be decreased by having energy restored by a wandering alchemist.

Warpriest armour

Warpriest armour is a set of hybrid armour which levels up with the player's Defence level, with a maximum of 75. The set has 3 possible stats: for defence level 25-49, for defence level 50-74, and for defence level 75 and above. The stats are updated upon equipping the armour. If a player gains level 75 Defence while wearing an armour piece, they have to un-equip it and re-equip it for the stats to update. Wearing 3 pieces of the armour gives a 5% chance of decreasing the cooldown time of an ability (that takes at least 30s to cool down) by 15%. Wearing 5 pieces increases the chance of this effect occurring to 10%, and the chance is increased to 20% by wearing all six pieces of the armour.

After having bought a piece of armour, the shop offered a reduced reclaim cost for that piece. This reduced cost was still be available if players changed factions.[2]. After the world event, the armour will be available as rare drops from the respective faction's NPCs in the God Wars Dungeon[3].

It is possible to own both sets of armour, but it is not possible to own two pieces of the same armour part at the same time (for the purpose as bank placeholders), unless you die wearing the armour and receive another piece as a drop before reclaiming your original armour from your grave.

When stored in a player-owned house armour case, the display level of the armour always says 25, no matter what the player's actual Defence level is.


Tier Token required Slot Armour Renown cost
Armadyl symbol Bandos symbol Buy Replace
1 Bronze Boots Warpriest of Armadyl boots (75)Boots Warpriest of Bandos boots (75)Boots 25,000 10,000
Silver Gloves Warpriest of Armadyl gauntlets (75)Gauntlets Warpriest of Bandos gauntlets (75)Gauntlets 13,000 5,200
2 Silver Legs Warpriest of Armadyl greaves (75)Greaves Warpriest of Bandos greaves (75)Greaves 25,000 10,000
Gold Body Warpriest of Armadyl cuirass (75)Cuirass Warpriest of Bandos cuirass (75)Cuirass 41,000 16,400
3 Runite Head Warpriest of Armadyl helm (75)Helm Warpriest of Bandos helm (75)Helm 55,000 22,000
Dragon Cape Warpriest of Armadyl cape (75)Cape Warpriest of Bandos cape (75)Cape 41,000 16,400
Total 200,000 80,000


Armour rating
Slot Armadyl symbol Bandos symbol 25–49 Defence 50–74 Defence 75+ Defence
Defence Constitution Defence Constitution Defence Constitution
Boots Warpriest of Armadyl boots (75) Warpriest of Bandos boots (75) 10 30 26 105 56 180
Gloves Warpriest of Armadyl gauntlets (75) Warpriest of Bandos gauntlets (75) 10 30 26 105 56 180
Legs Warpriest of Armadyl greaves (75) Warpriest of Bandos greaves (75) 44 180 117 630 249 1,080
Body Warpriest of Armadyl cuirass (75) Warpriest of Bandos cuirass (75) 46 240 123 840 260 1,440
Helm Warpriest of Armadyl helm (75) Warpriest of Bandos helm (75) 40 120 107 420 226 720
Cape Warpriest of Armadyl cape (75) Warpriest of Bandos cape (75) 6 0 16 0 33 0
Total 156 600 415 2,100 880 3,600


There are a number of abilities which could be bought as reward. These abilities could be bought from either faction to be unlocked.

After the world event, these abilities were made available as rare drops from the Bandos and Armadyl general in the God Wars Dungeon.[4] After the Tuska Comes world event, they were also made available for reward points from the Anima Islands distraction and diversion.

Tier Ability Token required Renown required Phase available Effects
1 Sacrifice Sacrifice Gold 21,000 1 Basic Constitution ability. Requires 10 Constitution-icon. Deals up to 100% damage to your opponent, ignoring protection prayers. Heals 25% of the damage you deal, or 100% if your target dies.
2 Devotion Devotion Runite 32,000 3 Threshold Defence ability. Makes your protection prayers 100% effective for 20 seconds. Killing an opponent extends the remaining duration by 5 seconds.
3 Transfigure Transfigure Dragon 105,000 5 Ultimate Constitution ability. Stuns you for 6 seconds. When the stun ends, you heal 250% of any damage taken during the stun, and become immune to stuns for 15 seconds.
Total 158,000

Weapon overrides

Players can combine items dropped by NPCs at battle sites with 1,000 sacred metal fragments to create cosmetic overrides. If players chose to switch factions with one of the weapon pieces obtained from one faction, it remained with them upon switching. After 17 December 2013, a few additional methods of obtaining sacred metal fragments were added.

Sacred metal fragments had a chance of being obtained from:

  • Divining energy at convoys.
  • Healing convoy members.
  • Killing a bodyguard.
  • Killing an ambusher.
  • When a convoy despawns after taking too much damage.
  • When helping building a tower for your faction.
  • When a building is completed.
  • When an enemy's building is being taken down.
  • When an enemy's completed building is destroyed.
  • When any degradable weapon is depleted on the battlefield.
Type Armadyl symbol Aviansie Bandos symbol Orkish
Component (drop) Override Component (drop) Override
Claw Aviansie claw component Claw Claw Orkish claw component Claw Claw
Shield Aviansie shield component Shield Shield Orkish shield component Shield Shield
Throwing axe Aviansie throwing star component Throwing star Throwing star Orkish throwing axe component Throwing axe Throwing axe
Wand Aviansie wand component Wand Wand Orkish wand component Wand Wand


Players could purchase unique emotes from their quartermaster. Emotes of both factions may be owned at the same time.

Tier Token
Emote Renown
Armadyl symbol Bandos symbol
1 Silver Armadyl's Glory (Tier 1) emote icon Glory I Bandos's Might (Tier 1) emote icon Might I 23,000
2 Gold Armadyl's Glory (Tier 2) emote icon Glory II Bandos's Might (Tier 2) emote icon Might II 40,000
3 Dragon Armadyl's Glory (Tier 3) emote icon Glory III Bandos's Might (Tier 3) emote icon Might III 165,000
Total 228,000


Titles could be purchased from either Armadylean quartermaster or Bandosian quartermaster. The titles from each faction have a separate entry in the customisation interface and are displayed in different colours (Armadylean titles in pale blue and Bandosian in dark green).

Tier Token required Armadyl symbol Bandos symbol Renown cost
1 Silver Scout [Name] Grunt [Name] 22,000
2 Gold Wingman [Name] Soldier [Name] 40,000
3 Dragon Wingleader [Name] Veteran [Name] 73,000
Total 135,000

Other titles

These titles were rewarded for destroying an enemy's caravan. They could also be gained via building structures and killing other players. Players had to defeat a minimum of 20 players, build at least one structure, destroy a caravan, or destroy an enemy structure. It should be noted that just because a player had completed one of these tasks, they still may not have obtained the title as it was rarely and randomly awarded.

Upon changing factions, these titles were re-locked, and players could only have the title of the final faction they had joined.

Armadyl symbol Bandos symbol
[Name], Vanguard of Armadyl [Name], Warmaster of Bandos

During world event

During the world event, players who participated were assigned one of the following temporary titles. These titles are no longer usable and disappeared when the event ended:

Mode Bandosian Armadylean
PvP on Male [Name], Bandosian Warrior [Name], Armadylean Warrior
Female [Name], Bandos Warrior [Name], Armadyl Warrior
PvP off Male [Name], Bandosian Follower [Name], Armadylean Follower
Female [Name], Bandos Follower [Name], Armadyl Follower

Experience lamps

Experience lamps could also be purchased with renown. Lamps are available in each size, from small to huge. The experience given by a lamp is roughly comparable to (92%-95% of) the experience a similar sized prismatic lamp would give, however certain skills, such as Divination, Strength and Defence, receive more experience (105.8%-109.25%).

Lamp Token required Renown cost
Small lamp Small XP lamp (The Bird and the Beast) Bronze 4,000
Medium XP lamp Medium XP lamp (The Bird and the Beast) Bronze 7,000
Large lamp Large XP lamp (The Bird and the Beast) Silver 13,000
Huge lamp Huge XP lamp (The Bird and the Beast) Silver 25,000


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