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The Blade is an Elder God artefact created to better shape the other creations of the Elder Gods[1]. It played a large role in the history of Guthix and Gielinor; it was what turned Guthix into a god and enabled him to discover Gielinor along with many other realms and dimensions. The true use for the sword is to separate elements cleanly and with precision. Its companion is The Siphon, which is able to fuse elements.

The sword was originally found by Skargaroth, presumably on his homeworld, and is likely what caused him to ascend to godhood. Later on, Skargaroth found the Naragi plane, along with Tuska, a boar-like goddess, and managed to blind her in one eye. In retaliation, Tuska gored Skargaroth with force enough to push him onto the storm cellar that sheltered Guthix's only daughter, Aagi, forcing Skagaroth to drop the sword in the process. In his rage over Aagi's death, Guthix grabbed the fallen sword, which he used to blind Tuska completely. After that, he took the sword and impaled it deep in Skargaroth's back, killing him and unintentionally stealing his powers and some of his memories, becoming a god.

Skargaroth, slain by the sword.

Guthix, the main user of the sword.

Guthix then discovered that with cuts from the sword, he could open gateways to various dimensions and planes. He then started travelling through dimensions until he found Zanaris, the moon of Gielinor. He could see Gielinor from it, which looked lush and exuberant. He visited it and was overwhelmed by its beauty. Eagerly, he travelled all over the world and found many other elder artefacts, including the Stone of Jas, The Horn and the Siphon. The artefacts he found gave him the power he was renowned for. With that power, he banished the gods and created his Edicts.

The sword, as mentioned, has special abilities. It is naturally electrified, it can be used to slay gods, it can locate the Crown and can open gateways with simple swings in the air. It currently lies broken on a table in the entryway to Guthix' chamber complex, though apparently Guthix, using the Stone of Jas, moulded many of the blade's fragments to create portals leading into Gielinor. According to Mod Osborne, an Elder God could repair it. However, the Elder Gods who took part in the creation of Gielinor have not been seen for at least 5,000 years.

It was revealed in an FAQ that Guthix shattered the sword by accidentally cutting too deep into The Void[2] where Valluta would be located to defend against Void pests.

When investigating the shattered blade on the table it reads, "The shattered remains of this blade are emitting sparks. Pieces are clearly missing, rendering it irreparable even if it was safe to touch."


  • The sword being able to open dimensional doorways by swinging it through the air is similar to how the eponymous Subtle Knife of the His Dark Materials trilogy works.


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