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The Blood Pact is a quest released on 15 March 2010, hitting the 300 quest point total. It was the first new quest available for free players ever since Rune Mysteries which was released in 2003. New free-to-play items were released with the quest along with the Helmet of trials for members who have obtained 300 quest points. Non-members find this exciting because most updates are for members, and having a new quest and a new dungeon can be useful for low leveled players to train combat.


Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Xenia, in the Lumbridge Cemetery
Member requirementF2P icon Free to play
Official difficultyUnknown edit
Official lengthExtremely short (1 - 3 minutes)
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable. None
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added. None
Enemies to defeat

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Lumby Catacombs

The entrance to the dungeon.

  • Start the quest by talking to Xenia in Lumbridge Graveyard. She will ask for help and will tell you Zamorakian Cultists have captured a young lady named Ilona.
  • Agree to help her, and head down into the Lumbridge Catacombs.


File:Kayel downed.png
  • You will arrive with Xenia in a big hall with Kayle on the opposite end.
  • When you go to attack him, Xenia is damaged by Kayle's arrow. She asks you to fight on alone.
  • Attack Kayle. Any type of combat works but Xenia recommends melee. If you need to get close without him shooting you, you can take cover behind the walls.
  • After he is beaten you can ask him questions about the group's activities and choose whether to kill him or spare his life. Whatever your choice, he drops his shortbow and bronze arrows on the floor.


The Blood Pact The Prisoner

Ilona being held hostage by the cult.

File:Calitin downed.png
  • Take Kayle's shortbow and bronze arrows, wield them, and go into the second chamber.
  • Caitlin, another Cultist, will cast spells at you across a gap. She is level 3 and has 20 life points. You need to use a ranged or magic attack to defeat her, and Xenia recommends using Kayle's weapons.
  • When Caitlin is defeated, operate the nearby winch to open the gate. If you try this while she's still attacking you, she will prevent you from operating the winch.
  • Talk to Caitlin when you reach the other side. You can ask her questions about the group's activities and choose whether to kill her or spare her life. Whatever your choice, she drops her staff, air runes and mind runes on the floor.


Reese's Lair

What secrets lie beneath that door?

  • Walk across the hall and try to open the door which Reese stands behind. He will engage you in conversation. Regardless of your choices he will attack you.
  • Defeat him in combat. Xenia recommends using magic, such as casting Wind strike with Caitlin's staff and runes.
  • As with the other two, choose whether to kill him or let him go. Reese will refuse to go if you choose to free him, and kill himself. The coffin will crumble and show a stair. Take his sword and untie Ilona.
  • Afterwards, you will appear outside the tomb and Ilona will say "Gods...Saradomin...We're out." and she'll say that she thought she was going to die down there and she will thank you. Xenia will say that it looks like you have prevailed, she will let you keep the weapons and give you any of the weapons which you missed. Then she will give you 200 bronze arrows, 200 air runes and 200 mind runes. If you don't have enough inventory space, she will hold onto them for you until you have space free for the remaining items. You will be given the same rewards regardless of which conversation options you choose.
  • You can ask her about what happened in the catacombs or just say "I think I'll go." to finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!


File:The Blood Pact Reward Scroll.png


File:Glitchstaff No Bug.png
File:Dragith Glitch HD.png
  • On the day the quest was released, the spoiler said: "No information on the rewards for this quest will be available until the cult activity is identified and thwarted. Rest assured though, that there will be several useful items for new adventurers."
  • The message above, though normally supposed to last only 24 hours after the quest's release, lasted at least a day longer.
  • With the release of The Blood Pact, there are now 300 Quest Points available in the game. If you have 300 points, make sure you speak to Xenia again after completing The Blood Pact, as she has a special reward to help you show off your dedication to quests. Unlike the Quest Cape, the new item's requirements will stay fixed at 300 Quest Points even after new quests are released – once you have 300 Quest Points, you can wear the item forever. This item is the Helmet of trials; it has no bonuses.
  • When you complete the quest, your Adventurer's Log will say, "I defeated a trio of Zamorakian cultists in the catacombs beneath Lumbridge Church."
  • There is a glitch when casting a spell or meleeing with the new staff, the staff seems to float. This floating glitch is also evident when defending from an attack.
  • There is another glitch when you get your reward and Xenia gives you the runes, the text says "Xenia gives you some air runes" and you actually get mind runes, and vice versa.
  • Several Demon statuettes can be found in the Catacombs. The six demon statuettes are Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz, and Jade. Xenia will buy these from you for 1000, 500, 400, 300, 200, and 100gp, respectively (2500gp total).
  • This is the newest non-members quest; Rune Mysteries, the next-most recent quest, was released in 2003.
  • If you have completed The Restless Ghost, Xenia will say that she knows your name through the Lumbridge Priest. If you have completed Dragon Slayer, she will say that she knows your name through her contacts from the Champions' Guild. If you have completed Vampire Slayer , she will say that Dr. Harlow has told her about you. If you have completed the Heroes' Quest, Xenia will say that she knows your name from her contacts from the Heroes' Guild. If you have completed Legends' Quest, Xenia will say that she knows your name through her contacts from the Legends' Guild. Xenia will only refer to the most advanced guild if you have completed more than one of these quests.
  • When the cultists are on the ground, they appear to have a new chathead.
  • If you poison any of the cultists, they'll still take poison damage while you're talking to them when they're downed. They don't die from it. Similarly, though you can attack them for their total life points, they do not die until you deliver the killing blow.
  • "Xenia," the name of the lady of whom you start the quest with, means "hospitality" in Greek.
  • When Xenia is shot by Kayle she takes merely 2 damage but appears to only have half of her life points left. This is because she was pretending it was worse than it was, as is revealed in dialogue with her after the quest.
  • Reese is one of, if not the only, NPC in Runescape to commit suicide, if you choose not to kill him.

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