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The Brink of Extinction is a Grandmaster level quest and the sequel to The Elder Kiln, concluding the TzHaar saga.

Official description

The continued survival of the TzHaar race hangs in the balance. Lead a second expedition into the Elder Kiln, where the TzHaar hope to resurrect their greatest warriors by fusing them painfully with the Ga'al.


Start pointQuest map icon
The Brink of Extinction icon
Speak to TzHaar-Mej-Ak or TzHaar-Mej-Jeh in the TzHaar City's main plaza.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyGrandmaster Grandmaster
Official lengthMedium to Long
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • 6 free inventory slots
  • A TokKul-Zo for increased damage against enemies and teleports around the TzHaar City
  • Combat equipment, potions and food
Enemies to defeat

Must be able to defeat multiple level 100+ foes, including:

The heroes of yesterday

TzHaar-Mej-Jeh chathead

Speak to TzHaar-Mej-Ak or TzHaar-Mej-Jeh in the main plaza of TzHaar City. They inform you that the TzHaar race is dying, because only Ga'al, which do not inherit the memories of their ancestors, are hatching from the eggs. Mej-Ak and Mej-Jeh wish you to take more Ga'al to the Elder Kiln to infuse them with the memories held in a dead TzHaar's TokKul, as you did before with Ga'al-Xox. Specifically, they wish for you to resurrect some of the greatest champions in TzHaar history so that they can live again. While understanding your reluctance to do it in regards to Xox's torture, they ask you to do it anyway, for they believe that the Ga'al are just abominations and the TzHaar race is on the brink of extinction due to the volcano cooling.

Mej-Ak suggests TzHaar-Mej-Gek, one of the wisest and most powerful magicians in TzHaar history, and Mej-Jeh suggests TzHaar-Ket-Teg and TzHaar-Xil-Kal, excellent guard and hunter and formidable in the Fight Pits. They give you a communication orb to find the TokKul of the three named champions, and ask you to also round up three Ga'al wandering around the city and send them to the main plaza.

TokKul artefacts

BoE statue mining

A player mining at a statue for some fragments

A Ga'al hatches

Another Ga'al is born

Mej-Gek's TokKul is found to the east, in the birth pools. As you approach, a cutscene plays, of the birth of Ga'al-Jeh by TzHaar-Mej-Het. As it hatches, Het becomes angry that it failed again and sends the Ga'al to die in the Pits. Go to the north of the pool and speak to Mej-Het, who was paid Mej-Gek's TokKul in return for charging a human adventurer's staff earlier. Saying he needs to take care of the eggs, despite the fact that half of them die and the other produce only Ga'al, he gives you the TokKul.

Ket-Teg's fragment is to the north-east, close to the Fight Kiln entrance. This has to be mined from the statue of TzHaar-Ket-Teg. This gives five fragments, which must be taken to the furnace in the south-east corner of the main plaza in order to reform them into one piece, the TokKul of TzHaar-Ket-Teg.

Xil-Kal's fragment is to the south, near the surface entrance to the city, from the statue of TzHaar-Xil-Kal. Again, only fragments are obtained, which must be forged into ToKkul of TzHaar-Xil-Kal.

Return all TokKul, then track down the Ga'al. The first Ga'al is found to the north-west, at the cave-entrance to the library. The next is found directly south of the main plaza by the sulphur pit. The third is slightly south-east of the second. There are more Ga'al in other locations, but any suffice. Send all three to the main plaza.

The chase

Ga'al-Xox chathead

Return to Mej-Jeh and Mej-Ak. The three Ga'al are also there. They say they're heading out to the entrance to the Elder Kiln. Use TokKul-Zo to teleport to Fight Kiln, pick the quest option at the cave entrance. You meet with TokHaar-Hok. Jeh and Ak request that the Ga'al be turned into TzHaar, but the TokHaar-Hok says they are too weak and that the TokKul is simply "lost" in the sacred lava, to be reborn as TokHaar. Afraid of losing the TokKul, Ak asks you what to do.

No matter what you choose, Ga'al-Xox suddenly enters and slays Mej-Ak before anything can be done. Enraged, Jeh berates him for murdering a TzHaar on sacred grounds, but Ga'al-Xox simply explains he cannot allow any more Ga'al to be tortured like he was, before fleeing with the champions' TokKul. Jeh sends you after him and you appear outside the kiln. Activating the communication orb here and choosing option 1 tells you to go south and then to the far east. The cave entrance you need is on the eastern edge of the city map.

Ga'al-Xox flees out of the Kiln and through the city, ending up in a cave to the far east end of the city. Activate the communication orb before the cave entrance and enter the cave.

This cave starts the combat portion of the quest; after clearing each room, progress is saved, meaning you can leave to restock if you wish or need to. There is a TzHaar-Ket banker just outside the cave. Followers cannot enter. You have to activate the communication orb to make the banker show up (and/or enter the cave and then exit it).

The following areas are safe; no items are lost upon death (apart from any food or potions you've consumed already). The player will respawn by the bank at the entrance to the Fight Cauldron with all items and armour.

Room 1

TBoE room 2 fight

Fighting a Tok-Xil in the second cave

As the gate closes, the security system begins to summon monsters. This first room of this cave contains four Tz-Kih, which are weak to stab. However, it may be best to kill them with ice spells from the Ancient Magicks to prevent them from draining your Prayer points. As they are weak, anything can be used to kill them.

At the far end of the cave are two scales and three weapons, an obsidian mace, obsidian sword, and obsidian knife, one on the ground and two on the scales. Put the mace on the western pedestal and the sword on the eastern pedestal to unlock the ancient gate.

Room 2

TBoE room 2 puzzle

The final positions of the three statues

Inside the next cave are two water-weak Tz-Kek, followed by another Tz-Kih and a slash-weak Tok-Xil (which appear after all Tz-Kek have died). Kill them – Jeh remarks that there is a bookcase with reading orbs at the other end of the cave. Read it to discover it is a very ancient site. In fact, the first TokHaar to escape the Kiln to become TzHaar created this tunnel system. As such, it is directly connected to the Elder Kiln. It also speaks of a ring of living fire, TzKot-Zo, which Jeh cannot remember from his previous lives.

Solve the puzzle by moving the statues into the combat triangle; the TzHaar-Ket facing the TzHaar-Xil, who is facing the TzHaar-Mej, who in turn faces the TzHaar-Ket. Arrows on the ground appear as you move the statues to help you; these turn purple as the statues are positioned properly. Try to make a small triangle, so that the statues face each other.

Room 3

TBoE room 3 fight

Fighting the first wave of TokHaar in the TzKot-Zo

Fighting the champions

Fighting the Tok-Haar-Ket champions

The third room contains a grid floor over lava - reading the bookcase reveals it is the TzKot-Zo. It is a special mechanism, connected to the Kiln on both ends. It filters and purifies the lava before passing it on to the Kiln. He remarks that it was constructed by neither the TzHaar nor the TokHaar.

As soon as you pass through the hot vent door, some of the squares start glowing and several TokHaar appear to protect the sacred lava. The squares first glow a dull orange for a few seconds, and then turn bright yellow. At this point, any player standing on one takes rapid hits for heavy damage - can walk in and die - until they stand on a safe square, and any TokHaar standing on it rapidly heals. You must defeat the TokHaar while avoiding standing on the glowing squares.

During the fight, it is advisable not to leave a monster alone for too long, as it may fully heal. The first wave of TokHaar use melee and are weak to water. The second use mage and ranged and are weak to bolts and crush respectively. Finally there is a single TokHaar champion, with zero weaknesses, and he has a high defence against all combat styles. Also, just like in The Elder Kiln, his melee attacks drain prayer.

Abilities that hit multiple enemies are useful when opponents are close together, especially on waves with several melee opponents. Be careful with long combo abilities in these lava rooms as the square you are on might start glowing, time them so that you only use them when the squares have recently changed.

Wave Combatants Recommended prayers Recommended curses Weaknesses

2x TokHaar-Ket (melee)
2x TokHaar-Hur (melee)

Protect from Melee or Augury Deflect Melee, Leech Magic, or Leech Defence Water weakness icon Water spells
2 3x TokHaar-Xil (Ranged) Protect from Missiles or Piety Deflect Missiles or Leech Defence Crush weakness icon Crush
3 TokHaar-Ket Champion (Prayer-draining melee) Protect from Melee or Piety Deflect Melee, Leech Magic, or Leech Defence Zero weakness icon Nothing

It is a good idea to turn retaliate off; you do not want to be dragged onto a hot square by a Xil attacking you at distance. Wherever possible try to stay at the corner of any given safe square; the warning time before a square becomes damaging is so short that you may not have time to run from the centre before being hurt.

The champion drops an obsidian maul, which can be used on the scales to open the gate.

Room 4

Fighting Tz-Kils

Fighting four Tz-Kils at once

The fourth chamber contains four level 103 Tz-Kils (lava monsters), which use Magic and are weak to bolts. Kill them, go to the other end of the room, and pick up the obsidian weapons on the floor.

There are four scales, each with a statue behind it. On each scale, place the obsidian weapon that is wielded by the statue behind it. The obsidian mace goes on the northeastern pedestal, the obsidian throwing ring on the southeastern pedestal, the obsidian staff on the southwestern pedestal, and the obsidian sword on the northwestern pedestal. This opens the door.

Room 5

The fifth chamber contains three Tz-Kih, then two Tz-Kil, and one Yt-MejKot which heals when within melee range. If you are taking a lot of damage try luring the Mejkot over to the pedestals and trapping him on the south side while you safely attack from the north side. Alternatively, you can use the corner of the south entrance to block the Yt-MejKot while ranging the Tz-Kils.

After killing all of the enemies within the area head north and touch one of the pedestals to start the puzzle. In this puzzle, you must click the pedestals in the order in which they light up. This must be done eight times, but the sequence is always the same each time. However, initially only one pedestal needs to be clicked, then two, then three, and so on to the full sequence of eight pedestals. If you ever mess up, you must start again from the beginning.

If you happen to forget what order you must touch the pedestals, the proper sequence is: southeast, northwest, southwest, northwest, northeast, southeast, northeast, and southwest.

Room 6

Once you have opened the door head into the next room where there is another door to the north and another grid arena to the east, similar to room 3. Here you have to fight first four TokHaar-Hur, then two TokHaar-Xil, then two TokHaar-Mej, and finally two TokHaar Champions while avoiding standing on the floor that starts glowing throughout the fight.

As before, the glowing floor heals the TokHaar.

Wave Combatants Recommended prayers Recommended curses Weakness
1 4x TokHaar-Hur (all melee) Protect Melee or Augury Deflect Melee, Leech Defence, or Leech Mage Water weakness icon Water spells
2 2x TokHaar-Xil (Ranged) Protect Ranged or Rigour Deflect Ranged, Leech Defence, or Sap Ranged Crush weakness icon Crush
3 2x TokHaar-Mej (Magic) Protect Mage or Piety Deflect Mage, Leech Defence, or Sap Mage Bolt weakness icon Bolts
4 2x TokHaar-Ket Champions (Prayer-draining melee) Protect Melee or Augury Deflect Melee, Leech Defence, or Leech Mage Zero weakness icon Nothing

Once the fight is done, pick up the obsidian maul and place it on the scales to unlock the door.

Room 7

From this point onwards, the communication orb fails to function as it is out of range of the city, and you are not able to read the manuscripts on the bookshelves (as you do not know how to translate the Tzhaar language) or ask for advice on the puzzles.

You are attacked by seven Tz-Kek upon entering. You can use the pedestals up ahead to block them or just have them block each other while firing magic at them.

When that's over with, go over to the pedestals and pick up the weapons lying around, plus a stone tablet. Written on it is a way to link the types of weapons found on the ground to the types of TzHaar written on the pedestals. The correct sequence varies from player to player. The correct weapon for each pedestal are as follows:

TzHaar word Weapon
Xil Obsidian sword
Mej Obsidian staff
Ket Obsidian maul
Ket and Hur Obsidian mace
Xil and Hur Obsidian knife

Once complete, the door opens to the next room.

Room 8

TzHaar sigil The Brink of Extinction

The completed sigil

This room leads with three Tz-Kil, followed by two Tz-Kek and the loud arrival of a Ket-Zek. Range the Tz-Kil while edging your way around the northwest wall ahead, so that when you kill the last Tz-Kil, you won't have the Ket-Zek spawn on top of you. From there, switch to magic gear and try to get the attention of the Tz-Kek from behind the wall while keeping exposure to the Ket-Zek to a minimum until you remove the Tz-Kek. Use the Protect from Magic prayer when in view of the Ket-Zek to avoid taking more damage than you have to.

Up ahead, a giant scrambled TzHaar symbol lies on the ground. Turn the tiles to form a large circle like the others you have seen around the city and the tunnel to unlock the way forward to the last battle.

Showdown with the deadly Tokhaar-Hok!

TokHaar-Hok chathead
TokHaar-Hok appears

Activating the conduit has summoned TokHaar-Hok!!

Fighting Tokhaar-Hok

Fighting the Fearsome Tokhaar-Hok.

In the final room you finally catch up to Ga'al-Xox in another grid chamber, this one with a pair of valves and what appears to be a giant tap in the shape of a TokHaar's head looming above the area. Ga'al-Xox reveals the reason for the TzHaars' troubles: The TokHaar have shut off the flow of sacred lava from this chamber, which has cooled the TzHaar City and prevented the eggs from hatching properly.

Help Ga'al-Xox turn the valves simultaneously and reopen the flow of lava, which pours from the large TokHaar head down into the river of lava below. At this point, TokHaar-Hok appears, expresses disappointment in "his" Ga'al-Xox, and challenges you to a battle.


TokHaar-Hok attacks with melee and drains Prayer points with each hit. Wear the best Magic equipment possible, with the highest melee defence possible. However it is also possible to fight with melee, wearing full tier-70 equipment or better. Protect from Melee or Deflect from Melee will reduce considerable amount of damage taken. TokHaar-Hok summons different waves of enemies – TokHaar-Tok-Xil, TokHaar-Mej, TokHaar-Xil, TokHaar-Ket Champion, TokHaar-Ket, and finally TokHaar-Hur; however, these additional summoned enemies do not need to be defeated, and it is possible to just focus on TokHaar-Hok to finish this battle quickly. Ga'al-Xox also fights, attacking TokHaar-Hok with Ranged, but does not deal much damage throughout the fight.

The lavafall on the south side of the field can deal damage equal 20% of maximum life point of player per 1.2 seconds, do not stay inside it or any platform that is bursting lava.

TokHaar-Hok has the ability to heal himself fully once he reaches half health. He attempts to move into the lavafall on the north part of the room when this happens, and Ga'al-Xox warns you to stop him. If he reaches the lavafall, he heals himself for 5000 life points every game tick. To prevent him from healing, use a stunning or binding ability on him. If melee is used, it is recommended to put these abilities on action bar and let them automatically activate. Note that in Legacy Mode, special attacks must be used to stun TokHaar-Hok instead. It is recommended to use a weapon whose special attack requires less that 50% special attack energy; the Zamorakian Spear is an ideal choice. Magic special attacks, such as that of the Armadyl Battlestaff, do not work.

The list of stunning and binding abilities is shown below:

When he is healing in the lavafall, he might say "Embrace the Sacred lava!" and teleport you inside the lavafall. Run away from it with possibly spamclicks, as he could teleport multiple times in a row.

TokHaar-Hok has no weakness, but players are advised to use Magic during this battle, as Ranged armour is weak to his melee attacks as well as those of the TokHaar monsters he summons. Always be cautious of the lava squares – immediately move onto a safe square when they start to glow. The combined damage of the lava, TokHaar-Hok and his minions can result in a quick death. Player can also lure TokHaar-Hok away from the lavafall, either by luring him to north side or stepping towards him if he is at the north side of player.

As mentioned before, the battle is safe, which in turn means no items will be lost when dying. You spawn outside of the cave entrance, next to the TzHaar-Ket banker, allowing you to restock, rethink, and re-engage.

Note: This is only possible in EOC. Attempting to stun him in legacy mode does not work.

The hero of the TzHaar

Tzhaar party

The player is made an honorary TzHaar

After defeating TokHaar-Hok, talk to Ga'al-Xox once more and then head to the main plaza to meet with TzHaar-Mej-Jeh. Go to the Fight Kiln, and after a short conversation with the vanquished TokHaar-Hok, Ga'al-Xox is fused with TzHaar-Mej-Ak's memories.

After hearing confirmation of the torment from one of his own caste, TzHaar-Mej-Jeh relents and allows the remaining Tokkul to be returned to the lava and also vows to take care of the Ga'al. After saying goodbye, Ga'al-Xox becomes one with the lava. In a ceremony afterward, you are made an honorary TzHaar.


The Brink of Extinction reward



The Brink of Extinction banner
The Brink of Extinction noticeboard

The continued survival of the TzHaar race hangs in the balance. Lead a second expedition into the Elder Kiln, where the TzHaar hope to resurrect their greatest warriors by fusing them painfully with the Ga'al.

  • After the quest, TokHaar-Hok explains the TokHaar's motives for shutting the lava conduit down – they only wanted to "save their brethren from extinction" by convincing them to return to the Elder Kiln, as the TzHaar get weaker with every generation through the memory loss. Also, the TokHaar are immortal but finite in numbers, hence the TzHaar would boost their ranks and learn from the TokHaar in wisdom and battle prowess.
  • After the quest, TzHaar-Mej-Jeh explains that even though the TzHaar still technically use Tokkul, the shopkeepers are collecting as much as they can to release it into the lava.
  • It is possible to translate the final bookcase in the cauldron room after the quest has been completed. It reveals that a Ga'al named TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot wanders Gielinor post-Brink of Extinction, and can only be seen under special conditions.
  • The examine text of the valves in the room where you fight TokHaar-Hok reference the Valve Corporation, which are known for constantly delaying their games, and running on "Valve time."
  • The part when Ga'al-Xox becomes one with the lava might be a reference to the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day ending.
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