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===Additional rewards===
===Additional rewards===
Members can find these rewards in the coffins in the Tomb of the Fallen, which can be returned to via the portal in the Black Knights' Fortress.
*Ability to make [[Dulcin]]'s [[Black Knight captain's armour|armour]] a [[cosmetic override]] by defeating [[Dawn]] in battle after the quest. This can be done by using the [[Skull of Remembrance]] on Dawn's dead body.
*Ability to make [[Dulcin]]'s [[Black Knight captain's armour|armour]] a [[cosmetic override]] by defeating [[Dawn]] in battle after the quest. This can be done by using the [[Skull of Remembrance]] on Dawn's dead body.
Members can find these rewards in the coffins in the Tomb of the Fallen, which can be returned to via the portal in the Black Knights' Fortress.
*3,500 XP [[ancient combat lamp]] (useable on one of: Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Magic, Ranged, Prayer or Summoning). (requires 40 {{skill clickpic|Strength}} [[Strength]] and 40 in the chosen combat skill, including prayer.)
*3,500 XP [[ancient combat lamp]] (useable on one of: Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Magic, Ranged, Prayer or Summoning). (requires 40 {{skill clickpic|Strength}} [[Strength]] and 40 in the chosen combat skill, including prayer.)
*60,000 XP [[ancient prayer lamp]]. (requires 80 {{skill clickpic|Strength}} Strength and 65 {{skill clickpic|Prayer}} Prayer (cannot be boosted))
*60,000 XP [[ancient prayer lamp]]. (requires 80 {{skill clickpic|Strength}} Strength and 65 {{skill clickpic|Prayer}} Prayer (cannot be boosted))

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The Death of Chivalry is a quest that replaced Black Knights' Fortress. It features Sir Owen and Saradomin and is the second quest to take place in the Sixth Age.

This quest has references to the former Black Knights' Fortress quest and the RuneScape novels.

Official description

Sent to Edgeville by Sir Amik Varze, Sir Owen is preparing for a mission with another Temple Knight. Little does he know that his mission is from Saradomin himself. The Kinshra have gotten[sic] hold of a weapon of great power and Saradomin needs both you and Sir Owen to stop them.


Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Sir Owen at the Edgeville Monastery
Member requirementF2P icon Free to play
Official difficultyNovice Novice
Official lengthMedium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
  • None
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None


  • Combat equipment (not required from the start, able to retrieve from the bank when necessary)
  • 5 free inventory slots
Enemies to defeat

Meeting Saradomin

Owen chathead
The Death of Chivalry start

Saradomin informs you of your mission.

Speak to Sir Owen in the garden north of the Edgeville Monastery. He will tell you "the owl hoots at midnight". Respond with any of the available options. Sir Owen will explain that Sir Amik Varze sent him to the area for a mission, but that his contact hasn't arrived yet. Soon you are interrupted by a cutscene of Saradomin arriving to the area. After choosing an option (either kneeling to, standing before, speaking to or calling Saradomin a snow imp), progress through the conversation. Saradomin will tell you that his enemies, the Kinshra, have discovered a powerful weapon last used during the Third Age. He needs you to prevent them from using it.

Accept the quest. Since you will need a disguise to enter the fortress, take the armour just south-west of you, made up of the Black Knight captain's helm, cuirass, gown, gauntlets and boots. Equip the armour and return to Saradomin. He'll tell you that you'll be impersonating Captain Dulcin, the overseer of the Black Knights. Sir Owen will accompany you as your prisoner. With your permission, Saradomin will teleport you to the entrance of the Black Knights' Fortress.

Infiltrating the fortress

Fortress guard chathead
Death of Chivalry BKF

Preparing to perform a stealth operation on the black knights' fortress.

During this section, you need to speak to the various characters in the fortress, convincing them that you are Captain Dulcin. Wrong answers will increase your suspicion bar, which must stay below 100, or else you'll be kicked out and have to start over again. Attempt to open the portcullis and talk to the Fortress guard. Regardless of your answer to his first question, your suspicion bar will be raised to 25.

The guard will ask you what you're doing with a knight of Saradomin.

Fortress guard
He is my prisoner.0
No, I have something...special planned for him. -5
Torture, you mean - you monster!30
I am taking my captive to the tallest tower of the fortress.0
My reasons are none of your concern.0
I thought I'd give him the tour...30

Before continuing, you may inspect the tapestries to learn about the lore of the quest, including the Siege of Falador, the Kinshra, and the War of 164. Speak to Lieutenant York in the middle of the floor. He will ask you why the prisoner is not under guard.

Lieutenant York
I have pacified him with magic.30
Are you suggesting I cannot handle a mere knight of Saradomin? -5
Saradomin sent just the two of us.30
(Ignore him)10

Head north-west and speak to the fortress guard next to the staircase. He'll ask what you're doing and tell you prisoners aren't allowed on the upper levels.

Fortress guard
What do you want, maggot? -5
Er, yes?25
What is it?0
By whose orders? -5
This prisoner is to be sacrificed. -5
Stand aside, or you will regret it. 0

Now on the first floor, head to the southern part of the building. Speak to Hierophant Marius, who will try to give you the mark of Zamorak.

Hierophant Marius
What is the mark of Zamorak?25
(Remove your helmet.)100
You have no authority over me, priest. 20
I shall return after I deal with this Temple Knight. -5

You may pray at the Zamorak Altar to the south, restoring your prayer points and reducing your suspicion bar by 5.

Speak to another Fortress guard at the south-east staircase, who again will tell you not to bring a prisoner up to the higher levels.

Fortress guard
Fool. He is to be sacrificed.10
I am bringing him to the tallest tower.0
We need him to recover the weapon of power, as you know. -5
This one's stubborn. He needs some extra encouragement. -5
Why, what's on the upper levels?30

On the second floor, speak to Lieutenant Graves, who will inform you that the witch has escaped and the operation has been sabotaged.

Lieutenant Graves
Report, soldier.0
Tell me of the witch.0
Tell me about this magic circle.0
What of this artefact?0
Why are you dressed differently from the Black Knights downstairs?20
Stand aside. I will handle this.0
Knocking out Graves

Owen knocks Graves out.

Lieutenant Graves will ask to guard Sir Owen, but before he can do anything, Owen will incapacitate him. Search the body for 250 coins. You're given a choice whether to kill Graves or tie him up. Pick either option and head to Captain Dulcin's quarters.

The ritual

The marker

File:Death of Chivalry Ritual Marker.png

Search Dulcin's desk in the north-west area to find Captain Dulcin's journal, which you're unable to unlock. Head up the stairs to the ritual chamber. Search the wardrobe for a Letter from Lord Daquarius, search the box of candles for three red candles, search the shelf for chalk, and read then take the Grimoire to learn the ritual and gain 250 Magic experience. If you don't have a tinderbox, take the one in the corner.

Now, you have to complete a ritual. Attempt to repair the ritual marker, and you will be faced a puzzle consisting of 4 pictures. The goal of the puzzle is to find which of the 4 options in the puzzle is the correct option, which is the upper-right symbol of the puzzle. (You can simply brute force which of the options it is by trying them in order, and Sir Owen will tell you whether or not it is correct.) Once it is correct proceed to the next step.

The candles

You now have to light the candles and chant a series of words in order. The order varies for each player. Light each of the candles. Then, read the Grimoire and chant the words from #1 on the Grimoire on the North candle. Then, proceed to do #2 as North-East and #3 as East. Please note that it must be in order (i.e. 1, then 2, then 3).

After chanting at the last candle, a portal will open up to an unknown realm. Prepare for battle by using the convenient bank chest, and enter the portal, which contains enemies with stats scaled to your own levels.

The Saradominist Crypt

Black Knights torture Dawn

The Black Knights torturing a damsel.

Fighting the Black Knights

Fighting the Black Knights with Sir Owen.

The portal leads to a Saradominist crypt, with three Black Knights torturing a Damsel. After a quick cutscene, dispatch the three Black Knights, which should not be a challenge. Search their bodies to find some coins and a cage door key, which you can use to unlock the Damsel's cage. She explains that she is Dawn, a sister of the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede.

Dawn will tell you that the Black Knights have found a weapon sealed behind a holy barrier, and they're trying to sacrifice her to breach the barrier. You're given a choice of what to do with her, but she'll stay in the main area regardless of your decision.

Search the supply crate for 100 fire runes and 200 water runes, and take the handwritten message from the crate in the south-east. Enter the doorway to the east, to a crypt filled with the bodies of Saradominist warriors from the Third Age. Inspect the coffins or the heaps of bones for more information on the history of the area.


Fern chathead
Fighting Fern

Fern using her special attack.

Open the portcullis to the south, gaining 125 Strength experience. Head to the center of the new room, looting the Black Knights' bodies for some coins if you'd like, and speak to Fern, the ghost of a fallen centaur. Her duty is to protect Elora's wand, a powerful wand of her sister, Elora the Lifegiver. Fern's duty is to judge the virtue of those who attempt to wield the wand. You'll have to defeat her in battle to take the wand from her.

The fight against Fern is fairly easy. She attacks with ranged and has no weakness. Like the previous fight, her stats are scaled to your own levels, and Sir Owen will provide a token amount of support.

Occasionally, she will use a special attack, where she charges at you with a powerful spell of energy. When she does this, flee until she stops, and then resume attacking her.

The Wand of Ressurection

Death of Chivalry tile solution

The solution to the puzzle

Once Fern is killed, the first barrier to the wand in the south will be lowered. You'll have to solve a matching puzzle to lower the second barrier and access the wand. There are 16 total tiles surrounding the wand, which means eight pairs. Click one tile and then another, and Owen will tell you what they represent and if they match. You are allowed eight incorrect guesses before the puzzle resets.

Breaking the blood ward

Breaching the ward with your blood.

The final barrier requires you or Sir Owen to sacrifice their virtuous blood. After a conversation with Owen about whose blood to sacrifice, a cutscene will play. The final barrier will fall, and Dawn will teleport in and steal the wand!

Fighting for the wand

Sir Owen and Black Knight Zombies

Sir Owen (zombie) chathead
Zombie fight

The Black Knights and Sir Owen come back as Zombies!

Head back to the main room and talk to Dawn. After explaining her foul intentions, she will kill Sir Owen, and raise both him and the black knights from the dead before teleporting away. The zombified Owen and knights will then attack you.

As with the previous fights, their lifepoints are scaled, although they are fairly easy. You can defeat them in any order you desire.

Once they are defeated, search Sir Owen's body. You may compose a eulogy, say a prayer to the god of your choosing, and take his shield (you are not required to pick up the shield now, even if you want the shield, since you will be awarded the shield upon completion of the quest). Go north and open the portcullis (gaining 125 more Strength experience) and enter the main tomb area.


Dawn chathead

Talk to Dawn and attack her. She will have lifepoints scaled to your combat level (up to 49500), and this is the hardest fight of the quest.

In addition to standard Fire Strike spells, Dawn is capable of using abilities, including Asphyxiate and Omnipower, so she is not to be underestimated. She also uses an attack that creates a pulsating purple cloud that covers a 3x3 area and deals 10% of your maximum lifepoints in damage every few ticks. This can be avoided by running away from where the attack lands. As she loses more of her lifepoints, she will create more of these clouds, and they will also last longer. As such, it is advisable to keep moving to prevent them from becoming a threat.

Dawn has no weakness, but it is most feasible to kill her with Melee. This is because if you stay at one place ranging/maging, Dawn will create the purple cloud. But when you melee her she will keep pushing you away and you will retaliate by attacking. This effectively avoids the purple cloud enabling you to keep your health high at all times.

One tactic a player can use will make the fight easier but will take longer. When the fight starts hide behind a coffin and get ready to use combust. Leave your cover and use combust ability and quickly hide behind it again. A player should only have to worry about the skeletons using this method, but it will take significantly longer than the normal method.

Every time she loses 25% of her total life points, she will shroud herself in a barrier which blocks all attacks against her. She will then summon skeleton warriors, skeleton archers, and skeleton mages to attack you. While they are alive, you cannot harm Dawn, although they are quite easy to kill. Dawn will summon four skeletons when she is at 75% health, five when she is at half health, and finally six at 25% health. As her health decreases, so does the overall health of the skeletons. Skeleton archers spawn with the warriors in the second set and mages spawn in the third set with the archers and warriors. If you die, you will respawn in Captain Dulcin's office, and when using the portal, you will be immediately teleported back to the fight.

Saradomin and the wand

Saradomin with Elora's Wand

Saradomin with the wand of ressurrection.

Search Dawn's body to find the Wand of Resurrection, Dawn's key, and the Skull of Remembrance. You may now use the small key to unlock the journal - do so and read it. It contains Dulcin's diary entries, most notably on how he first entered the Tomb of the Fallen, lost many men to Fern and failed to breach the final ward protecting the wand. The next entries are written in red by Lensig, the witch to whom the letter you found earlier was addressed, and it is revealed she had been assigned to murder Dulcin by Lord Daquarius before disguising herself as the captain. After looting her corpse, Saradomin will call you back to the southern room. With these items, go back, and a short dialogue appears where Saradomin demands you to give the wand to him. Regardless of your pick, he will grab the wand and try to revive Sir Owen. Unfortunately, the wand deems him unworthy, and thus brings back Sir Owen, but it corrupts his arm at the same time.

File:Sir Owen exercising restraint.png

He explains that he wants to restore the centaur race using the wand, but that expedition must wait. Although Saradomin always initially takes the wand to resurrect Sir Owen, if the player initially trusts Saradomin with the wand when he asks for it, and makes other certain dialogue choices, Saradomin will entrust the wand to Sir Owen before the end of the quest, stating "do not make me regret this".

The dialogue choices required for Saradomin to entrust Sir Owen with the wand include very loyal Saradominist statements. One example is when the player can choose to say "I am still loyal to you, Saradomin." to which he replies his thanks, and mentions that the player's loyalty is appreciated in these "Dark Times".

Most conversational routes will, however, result in Saradomin keeping the wand for himself, saying he wishes to wait and see how Sir Owen's corruption progresses before entrusting the wand to him, or speaks of how he may allow the player to use it in future.

Saradomin will teleport you back to the Edgeville Monastery with your permission, or you can stay and explore the area further. You will complete the quest either way.


The Death of Chivalry reward
Audio options icon
Congratulations, quest complete!
  • 3 Quest points (only if you had not completed Black Knights' Fortress before its removal)
  • 250 Magic Magic experience. [1]
  • 500 Strength Strength experience. [1]
  • 2,500 Coins 1000 Coins [1]
  • 500 XP Combat lamp (useable on one of: Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Magic or Ranged).
  • 250 Prayer Prayer experience lamp.
  • 4 Knightly titles (you are suggested one based on choices made during the quest, but you can pick any one at any time through the title interface accessed through the control panel)
    • [Name] the Gallant
    • [Name] the Pious
    • [Name] the Brave
    • [Name] the Valiant
  • Sir Owen Sonde's shield with an emote that may be performed while the shield is equipped.
  • Skull of Remembrance that gives the ability to replay this quest's cinematic cutscenes (in a few locations only), teleport to the Black Knight ritual chamber, and to re-battle Dawn when used on her body.
  • Set of Black Knight captain's armour.
  • 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune.

Additional rewards



Members can find these rewards in the coffins in the Tomb of the Fallen, which can be returned to via the portal in the Black Knights' Fortress.

  • 3,500 XP ancient combat lamp (useable on one of: Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Magic, Ranged, Prayer or Summoning). (requires 40 Strength Strength and 40 in the chosen combat skill, including prayer.)
  • 60,000 XP ancient prayer lamp. (requires 80 Strength Strength and 65 Prayer Prayer (cannot be boosted))
  • Gilded cabbage which summons Brassica Prime, who awards 10,000 Prayer bonus Prayer experience after being kicked 30 times. (requires 60 Strength Strength). This bonus Prayer experience is awarded in the form of double XP while you train in the skill, not instanteously as given by XP lamps.
  • Templar outfit - a cosmetic override.
  1. ^ a b c These rewards may be found during the quest.


Music unlocked



  • This quest is the first to use level scaling, which was first introduced in Dungeoneering bosses and then reused in the Battle of Lumbridge event.
  • One of the original titles for the quest was "The Crisis of Faith".[1]
  • The gilded cabbage is a reference to the the old Black Knights' Fortress quest, where a cabbage was used to foil the plans of the Black Knight captain and the witch.
  • During the end of the quest, you can attempt to use the Wand of Resurrection on Sir Owen; however, it does not work and Saradomin informs you that only the power of a god will be able to resurrect Owen because he has already been resurrected and killed again.
  • While Ozan's and Ariane's quests that replaced Prince Ali Rescue and Rune Mysteries are still required for the further quests that required the original ones, The Death of Chivalry is set in the Sixth Age, unlike Black Knights' Fortress. The requirement has been removed from quests such as Recruitment Drive and Mod Stu has adjusted the quests where necessary.[2]
  • This quest was the first to be released in RuneScape 3.
  • Originally, the skeletons Dawn summons did not scale with your combat level. This was changed in the 29 August 2013 update.

Cultural references

  • When speaking to Sir Owen at the start of the quest, one of the options you can choose as a reply to 'The owl hoots at midnight.' is 'The owls are not what they seem.'. This is a reference to the 1990 television show Mod Stu loves, Twin Peaks, in which the phrase is one of the clues given to the protagonist by a character known as "The Giant".
  • You are able to tell Owen his mission is to seek the Holy Gruel, a pun on the Holy Grail - an item which King Arthur, an enemy of the Kinshra, sought to obtain.
  • You can tell Owen his assignment is "to be a hero", which is a reference to one of Mod Stu's favourite childhood games, Quest of Glory, wherein one of the possible replies to the question what your quest is, asked by a guardian of the Wizards' Tower, is "to be a hero".
  • The assignment "to get two hundred unicorn horns" is a pun on various RPG games where most if not all 'quests' only entail retrieving a certain amount of items, while also referencing an equine creature as a prelude to the centaur involvement in the quest.
  • When Sir Owen kneels before Saradomin and praises him, the god responds by saying "If there's one thing I cannot stand, it is people grovelling," a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail when God says the same thing to King Arthur.
  • When asked about the ritual circle, Owen states that, "There are things that dwell in dark places which are best left undisturbed." This is a reference to The Lord of the Rings, when Gandalf references the Balrog upon first entering Moria.
  • The chapter "Dawn of the Dead" in Captain Dulcin's journal is a reference to a movie of the same name, where the protagonists fight for survival against zombies.
  • When talking to Fern, there is an option to say "We're on a mission from a god." This is a reference to a famous line in the 1980 American film, The Blues Brothers.
  • When fighting Fern, as she is about to die, Sir Owen will say "Finish her!" (this does not appear in chatbox, but can be heard with sound on). This is a reference to the fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat.
  • When deciding what to do with Elora's wand, there is a reference to an Indiana Jones catchphrase, "That wand belongs in a museum!", for the archaeologist often remarks throughout the films that various artefacts should be kept in a museum rather than falling in enemy hands.
  • Examining Sir Owen when he's a zombie yields the text "High-Octane Knightmare Fuel", which references TV Tropes, as does the name of the cutscene where Dawn is first encountered, Deliberately Distressed Damsel.
  • The skull of remembrance lists the cutscene where Owen is resurrected as "Knight of the Living Dead", a reference to the film Night of the Living Dead.
  • Many items that are dead or destroyed will have an "Ex-" prefixed examine text; a burned cabbage, when Saradomin appears at the Monastary, will have the examine description of "Ex-cabbage"; the mounted dragon heads in Dulcin's office "Ex-dragon". This is from the Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch.
  • The examine text of the wardrobe in the ritual chamber ("I hope there isn't a witch inside...or a lion.") is a reference to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


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