The Diplomatic Approach is an achievement that requires the player to find and speak to the elf lords and ladies from each of the eight Elven Clans inside the walls of Prifddinas until the first chat options appear. They can be found in their respective clan districts. A crystal teleport seed or an attuned crystal teleport seed can be used to teleport to each district to speed things up.

Clan leader Clan
Lord Amlodd chathead Lord Amlodd Amlodd Clan Amlodd Clan
Arianwyn chathead Arianwyn Cadarn Clan Cadarn Clan
Lord Crwys chathead Lord Crwys Crwys Clan Crwys Clan
Lady Hefin chathead Lady Hefin Hefin Clan Hefin Clan
Lady Ithell chathead Lady Ithell Ithell Clan Ithell Clan
Iestin Edern chathead Lord Iorwerth Iorwerth Clan Iorwerth Clan
Lady Meilyr chathead Lady Meilyr Meilyr Clan Meilyr Clan
Lady Trahaearn chathead Lady Trahaearn Trahaearn Clan Trahaearn Clan


  • This achievement used to be a task prior to the release of the Achievements System on 18 April 2017.
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