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The Drop: Customer Support Edition only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
The Drop: Customer Support Edition
The Drop - Customer Support Edition
Release date 5 October 2015 (Update)
Reward [Name] the Knowledgeable title

2015: Large bonus XP star 2016: Large XP lamp (2 lamps if the title was previously unlocked)

Head developer Daniel R
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by N/A

The Drop: Customer Support Edition was a special version of The Drop quiz, released during the annual international Customer Service Week.

The Drop ran every half-hour from 5 to 12 October 2015, and returned in the same format from 3–10 October 2016 and 2–9 October 2017, at 0 and 30 minutes past the hour.

Mod Kelvin could be spoken to start the quiz in 2015; Count Check filled the role in 2016 & 2017. Questions were timed and always in the same order, with one point awarded for each round that is completed. Getting a question wrong or failing to answer in time eliminated the player from the quiz. Winners could leave via the exit sphere.

The questions contained within the quiz were written by Mod Kelvin, Mod Infinity, Mod Chelle and Mod Tron.



2016 and 2017

  • [Name] the Knowledgeable title, if it has not yet been unlocked
  • Large XP lamps (1 if the title wasn't previously unlocked, 2 if it was; need authenticator and bank PIN active/pending for full reward. If only the PIN or Authenticator was enabled, then 1 Medium XP lamp is rewarded instead)
  • Entrance to a raffle for a real-life goody bag


In 2015 the rewards were a limited edition title, [Name] the Knowledgeable, and a Large XP star.

2018 Answers

The correct answers are shown in bold text and highlighted green.

What will a member of Jagex staff always have next to their name in-game?A green cabage.
A gold crown.
A gold star.
Once you've entered your bank PIN, how long does it lasts for?15 mins.
1 hour.
Until you log out.
Where is the best place to get Account security advice?Support Centre.
The Grand Exchange.
Web Search
What can you do if a Hijacker has broken the rules using your account and it is now banned?Nothing.
Post about it on Social Media.
Submit a Ban Appeal from our Support Centre.
Which of the following would be classed as a strong registered/recovery email?University/College/School email.
A throwaway email address.
A secure personal email with 2 factor authentication enabled.
How can you check if a 'Double XP' Advertisement is real?It is mentioned in our official news posts/website.
It is advertised on a stream I am watching.
I've been sent a link to a website to sign up for it.
How many Digits are in a RuneScape authenticator code?4.
Which of the following helps make a secure password?Letters and numbers forming a memorable phrase.
Your favorite sports team.
The same password you always use on other sites.
Roughly, how long does it take to enter a Bank PIN?5 seconds.
15 seconds.
25 seconds.
If you created your account before 2010, your account will have:Login Name.
Login Email.
A Party Hat.
What must you have in order to be a Player Moderator?Authenticator set.
A total level of at least 1000.
In XP terms, what level is half of 99?49.5.

2017 Answers

The correct answers are shown in bold text and highlighted green.

Someone in-game has messaged you inviting you to be a Player Moderator. You should...Follow their instructions.
Ask them for proof.
Report and ignore them.
I can set up a bank PIN by...Posting on the forums.
Speaking to a banker in-game.
Emailing Jagex.
Which of these statements promotes good security advice?I shouldn't set up a bank PIN.
I should share my password.
My registered email should be secure.
Someone is messaging me offering free stuff if I watch their video. I should...Report and ignore them.
Follow the link.
Share the link.
The report abuse tool should be used to...Get people into trouble.
Speak with a Jagex Moderator.
Flag a serious incident.
The best way to tell Jagex I think someone is cheating is by...Telling a Player Moderator.
Launching my own investigation.
Reporting them in-game.
How should you react to someone annoying you?Ignore or edit chat settings.
Report them.
Annoy them back.
Where can players read messages sent from Jagex?In the lobby.
In account settings.
By speaking to a bank clerk.
What should I do if I think my account has been hijacked?Tweet a Jagex Moderator.
Try to talk to the hijacker.
Recover your account.
A bank PIN is important to help protect what?My in-game wealth.
My password.
My account settings.
All Player Moderators must have what?The Authenticator enabled.
High combat levels.
No offences on their account.
What does the 'I' stand for in the ICU Team?Incidents.

2016 Answers

The correct answers are shown in bold text and highlighted green.

Where do I go to find Customer Support articles?Hit 'Support' on the main site
Visit a fan site
In a JMods friends chat
Which of the following is a clear sign that I have received a fake email claiming to be from Jagex?It includes my display name
It's about a ban
It's about new content
Which of these Authenticator statements are true?It only works on a phone
You can use it on a phone or PC
Only available to members
Should you let your friend use your account to complete a difficult quest?Yes, he's my friend!
Only if I change my password
No! It's risky
What are Jagex Community Helpers?Jagex staff personal accounts
Helpful volunteer players
Ex Player Moderators
How long does it typically take Customer Support to respond to customers?Within 24 hours
77 hours
At least 5 working days
On average, how many account recovery appeals does Customer Support process per month?2200
On average, how many customers are satisfied with the service they receive?4 out of 10
7 out of 10
9 out of 10
On average, how many bots do our specialist team remove from the game per month?20000
If a player messages me telling me I can easily earn loads of money, I shouldAssume it's a scam
Do what they ask
Screenshot it for evidence
What security should I enable on my registered e-mail address?Just a password
Everything the provider offers
Just a secondary e-mail
I've seen an ad which lets a bot level up my account for me, I shouldIgnore it & email
Check it out
Just try it once

2015 Answers

The correct answers are shown in bold text and highlighted green.

Where can you find a hint to your registered email address?Account Settings
Game lobby
The RuneScape homepage
How do you set up an in game Bank Pin?By contacting Customer Support
By talking to an in game banker
Via the 'Account Settings' page
Is it safe to share your RuneScape account?Sure, I'm generous!
Yes if I have an authenicator[sic]
No, your account is yours alone!
What year did players start using emails to log into accounts?2008
Can players log into multiple accounts simultaneously?Yes, if they play fair
It's technically not possible
Only on different worlds
Can players use the RuneScape authenticator instead of the Bank Pin?Only if you're a member
No, it's Bank Pin only
What should you look for when a Jagex Moderator is in game?A silver crown
A gold crown
A purple party hat
What is Mod Kelvin's position at Jagex?Ban Hammer Boss
Head of Noobs
Customer Support Manager
How do you reclaim lost holiday/seasonal items?You can't
Speak to Diango in game
Contact Customer Support
How do you access the RuneScape Support Centre?Speak to a Town Crier
Hit 'Support' on the website
Speak to a Player Mod
What times of the day do Customer Support work?Day & night 24/7
Between 9AM-9PM (US time)
Between 9AM-5PM (UK time)
If a player is annoying me in game, what should I do?Screenshot the chat
Add them to your ignore list
Annoy them back!