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The Everlasting is a boss monster from Dream Mentor. And is, after completing the quest, available to slay in the Dominion Tower together with the other forms.

The Everlasting has the most life points of the four monsters. He has a quite high defence, and hits fairly high and often; it will be a problem for lower levels, but not as much as its first form, The Inadequacy.

After you kill The Inadequacy (first form), it transforms into this monster, The Everlasting (second form). After this monster is killed, it transforms into a level 98 The Untouchable (third form). When this one is killed, it transforms into a level 88 The Illusive (final form). The Untouchable and The Everlasting can be killed with a safe spot, near the exit book.

You cannot bank after defeating each monster in the quest; you must start over from the first monster, if you leave the Dream World.

Among all the creatures fought in Dream Mentor, the Everlasting has the highest magical defence. Because magic is not as effective on this monster, a strong stab or range weapon is recommended. A Zamorakian spear or Leaf-blade sword are very effective on this boss. A dragon longsword or better will suffice as well. As for ranging, Black dragonhide along with a Rune crossbow and Adamant bolts or Magic shortbow and Rune arrows will work well too.

The Everlasting is fight-able along with The Illusive as a class B boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame if the player has completed Dream Mentor. The Everlasting encountered during the Dominion Tower minigame only gives experience if The Illusive was killed first. Otherwise it gives 0 experience.

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