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The Grand Tree is a gnome quest centred on protecting the titular Grand Tree from dying upon the gnome race.

Official description

The Grand Tree, which shelters the majority of the small gnome population of Runescape, is dying. Is it human sabotage or an inside job? Help King Shareen to find the true cause and save the tree gnomes from an uncertain fate.


Start pointQuest map icon.png
The Grand Tree icon.png
Talk to King Narnode Shareen in The Grand Tree.
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
Official lengthLong
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Enemies to defeat

The falling rooftree

King Narnode Shareen chathead.png

To start the quest, speak to King Narnode Shareen on the ground1st floor[UK] of the Grand Tree. He says that there is something wrong with the Grand Tree, which frames up the Tree Gnome Stronghold. In confidence, he takes you below, to the foundations of the tree, where you see that the roots are deteriorating. He will tell you that the only person that could help them is Hazelmere, a Grand Tree creator and guardian. Narnode gives you a bark sample and a translation book to help you understand his words.

Hazelmere can be found on the 1st2nd floor[UK] of his hut; on the last small island of the bridged chain of islets east of Yanille, past some jungle spiders and up the ladder there.

How to get there

  • If you can use the fairy rings, the code CLS will put you right on the isle.
  • If your player-owned house is in Yanille, walk east from the portal and past the bank.
  • Use the lodestone network to get to Yanille and proceed east; or go to Ardougne and head south-east along the coast and past Port Khazard.
  • If you can cast the Watchtower teleport spell, leave the tower and head east to the coast.
  • If you have the lunar spells unlocked, use the lunar magic Khazard teleport spell and walk south-east over the bridges.
  • Charter boats to Port Khazard are available from ports, and head south to the isles.
  • You can also use the ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars, and then head east, through Yanille.

When you try to speak to Hazelmere, you realise that he speaks in a foreign tongue and you won't be able to have a conversation with him. When you hand over the sample to him, he studies it and responds, but you can only make out one word - "Daconia". He complies with your request to write it down for you, and hands you a message for King Narnode.

After using the translation book, it reads:

A man came to me with the King's seal
I gave the man Daconia rocks
and Daconia rocks will kill the tree!



Return to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree. When he asks you for any information that you may have obtained, pass over to him the translation of Hazelmere's message. You will need to choose each translated line from the conversation window (choose the 'none of the above' option until the translation appears). After giving him the message, King Narnode tenses up at the thought of the daconia rocks.

When you ask him about the rocks, he says that they are a fail-safe method, created by Hazelmere, to destroy the Tree in case it grows out of hand. The king wants you to help their race, by assisting them in finding the rocks. He also requests you to warn one of the tree guardians, Glough, of the imminent threat to the stronghold.

Glough is located just south-east of the Grand Tree, in a tree house (outside the fence of the Grand Tree, near the gnome guards, you have to walk there and then climb up the ladder). When you try to talk to him, you find out that he greatly resents humans. As you mention the situation about the daconia rocks to him, he unsurprisingly blames the humans. As he does not trust humans, he tells you that he will take care of the problem and that you should report back to the king.

Return to King Narnode Shareen. He will tell you that Glough has already caught the culprit - a human who was caught with three daconia rocks. You will ask to see the prisoner, who is located on the top floor of the Grand Tree. Go up the ladder to the top floor of the tree and talk to the prisoner, whose name is Charlie. When you interrogate him for a motive, he will blurt out that he was only doing what Glough had paid him to do. He had gone to the "gnome on the hill" and gave him the "seal" in exchange for the rocks. He will tell you to search Glough's house for evidence.

Gielinor domination

The shipyard.

Go to Glough's house again - search the cupboard and you will find his journal. After reading the journal, you find out that Glough, unlike his ancestors, wants to come out of hiding and launch an attack on the humans. When you confront Glough for being a spy and framing Charlie, he will become outraged and will order his guards to arrest you and throw you into jail.

Talk to Charlie while you are in the cell and he says that if you want to gather more information about Glough's plans, you will need to talk to the foreman at the shipyard. He also gives you a password - "Ka-Lu-Min" - so that you can work undercover in Glough's crew.

In the prison with Charlie, atop the Grand Tree.

The King will appear and apologise for Glough's actions. He will tell you to quickly escape on the gnome glider, as Glough has set up guards on all other escape routes. Talk to Captain Errdo in the clearing north of Charlie and he'll fly you to Karamja. Unfortunately, for some reason the glider crash lands just west of the ship yard. Walk to the shipyard and try to open the gate; you will be stopped by one of the workers. Tell him that Glough sent you, and give him the password that Charlie told you.

After getting inside, go to the foreman, on the southern docks, and talk to him. You can either kill the foreman or answer his questions. If you want to kill him but have low life points, you can buy 10 bananas from the crew member nearby. If you chose to answer the foreman's questions, the answers can be obtained from reading Glough's journal.

  • Q. By the way how is Glough? Still with his wife?
Sadly his wife is no longer with us!
  • Q. What's Glough's favourite dish?
He loves worm holes.
  • Q. Ok. Just one more. What's the name of his new girlfriend?

Once you answer the foreman's questions, he will tell you about Glough's plan and then give you a lumber order. If instead you killed the foreman, he will drop the lumber order, which states Glough's plan to take over Gielinor. He plans to kill the Grand Tree and use it to create and launch 30 battleships to Port Sarim and proceed with an attack against the humans.

The lumber order is not necessary for advancing the quest. If you speak to Anita and get the key for the attack plans, then you don't need to go to Karamja. Her home is located in the north-west side of the stronghold, just west of the swamp.


As the glider was broken in the crash, and the fact that Glough has put you on the no-fly list and ordered the gate guards to not let you in, you'll now need to enter the Tree Gnome Stronghold via an alternate route, or enlist the help of Femi at the main gate.

  • If you have completed the Tree Gnome Village quest, you can use any spirit tree to travel to the centre of the maze and then use the spirit tree there to get back to the stronghold.
  • You can walk to the Tree Gnome Stronghold gate and talk to Femi. Tell her you need to get inside, and she will sneak you in for 1000 coins if you did not help her when first entering the stronghold, or for free if you did.
  • You can use a grand seed pod (16,645 coins), which will take you to the top of the Grand Tree.

Even if you show King Narnode the lumber order from the shipyard, he will still not believe your accusations. Speak to Charlie again on the top floor of the Grand Tree. He will suggest you speak to Anita, Glough's girlfriend. Anita can be found in the second tree house to the west of the swamp, north-west of the Grand Tree. Talk to her, and she will ask you to return Glough's key for her.

Spelling with the sticks

Go to Glough's house and use the key to open the chest. Inside, you will find some invasion plans detailing his plan to seize control over Gielinor. Take the notes to King Shareen, who still won't believe your evidence when they searched Glough's house, all they found were some sticks lashed together. Take the sticks from the king.

Before returning to Glough's house, equip yourself for battling the level 98 black demon. You can access a bank by going up the ladder next to the king, and heading south-west.

Return to Glough's house and climb up to the watchtower. You will find four small pillars. Use the sticks with the pillars to spell out TUZO which, using your translation book, means "OPEN." You will hear some gears turning, and the trap door on the platform opens. Enter, but be prepared.

Pocket monster

The trapdoor ladder breaks right after you start the fight, so teleportation is the only way for a quick escape.

Glough unleashes a powerful demon!

After you enter, make sure to wait until Glough walks up to you and starts the conversation. If you move before he gets to you, you will have to exit and go back through the trap door. After you enter, and Glough talks to you, he will send a level 98 black demon to attack you.

The demon is very strong and can hit over 1000 using melee attacks, so protect from melee is recommended to ward off some damage from its attacks. Unlike black demons everywhere else in Gielinor, this demon cannot use Magic and is weak to water spells, instead of bolts. Hiding behind the rocks directly south or going down the tunnel slightly will prevent the demon from using melee attacks and allow you to defeat it without taking much damage of your own.

Safespotting the demon.

  • If you take too long to fight the demon or go too far down the tunnel, it will disappear into thin air and you'll have to start the battle all over again. This is a great way to quickly escape without teleporting (but be mindful of level 44 bats).
  • The Silverlight/Darklight sword may be handy for players with low combat levels.

The adamant king

Searching the roots.

After defeating the demon, walk along the passage until you find King Shareen standing by a ladder. Talk to him and tell him that Glough had sent a demon to attack you, but the king STILL does not believe you. He finally sends a guard to scout for Glough, to which the guard comes back with Glough, who was hiding amongst the stones. The king apologises and asks you to locate the last daconia rock.

Search the roots all around the area until you find the daconia rock. Though it can be time-consuming, you might need to search all of the roots. If you accidentally destroy or lose the rock, it'll spawn in the root where you first found it.

After obtaining the rock, talk to King Shareen again for your reward for saving the Grand Tree.

Congratulations, quest complete!


The Grand Tree reward.png

You now have access to this shortcut.

Music unlocked

Required for completing

Completion of The Grand Tree is required for the following:



  • Before you fight the black demon, Glough says, "Meet my little friend!" This is an update from his previous dialogue which read "Say hello to my little friend", a reference to the film Scarface.
  • Whilst you are in jail and the King spawns to speak to you, if you click out of the dialogue and initiate it again, another King will spawn. This has not been fixed.
  • One of the options available when telling King Shareen what Hazelmere said is "Use the force!", which is a reference to the Star Wars series.
  • The quest guide used to list level 25 Agility as a skill requirement, since Glough's house used to be accessed by climbing branches, but this was replaced with a ladder that required no level to climb. The requirement was later removed from the guide in an update.