The Great Battle
Dreaded Years of Tragedy
Year 98 of the Fifth Age
North of Ardougne
Truce between Zamorakian and Saradominist armies, establishment of the Ardignas line of kings, creation of Ardougne Market, beginning of the rise of Kandarin, abandonment of the Ardougne Outpost
Royal Army of Ardougne Zamorakian Military Group
Unnamed Saradominist leader Unnamed Zamorakian leader
Unknown Unknown
Entire army except for the commander Entire army except for the commander
Previous battle
Battle of Ardougne

The Great Battle was a conflict fought in the Year 98 of the Fifth Age.

The battle was held at the Outpost north of Ardougne, between a small number of Zamorakian and Saradominist forces. The Zamorakians, amongst whom former Ardougnese citizens such as Drozal, had terrorised Ardougne for some time, their attacks causing the "Dreaded Years of Tragedy".

Ultimately, neither side was victorious, and the only survivors were the leaders of each side, men who had been former companions. Agreeing to follow Guthix, one went on to become the founder of Ardougne market and the other became the first king in the Ardignas line, which continues today under the rules of King Lathas and King Tyras. The end of the battle left many parts of Kandarin in ruins but was soon rebuilt.

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