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The Illusive is a monster only fought during the Dream Mentor quest and is the last form encountered during the battle. It is similar to the Giant Mole as it digs away during combat, but it can be easily followed because the area is smaller than the mole's lair.

After the player kills The Inadequacy (first form), it transforms into The Everlasting (second form). Then, it transforms into The Untouchable (third form). After the third form, it transforms into this monster, the very last form which you will have to kill.

Fighting it can become very tiresome, as players can only hit it once or twice before it disappears and reappears elsewhere. The best way to kill it is with magic, because it works over a longer distance and the Illusive is weak to magic attacks. When it is at low health, Cyrisus will stomp on it and kill it, which results in Cyrisus no longer being afraid of combat.

The Illusive is fight-able along with The Everlasting as a class B boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame if the player has completed Dream Mentor. In the tower, The Illusive is effectively immune to the monster-stun handicap, as it still burrows away during the stun period and thereafter isn't stunned.



  • In Dominion Tower, the Illusive will burrow barely outside the arena. It can be spotted on the Minimap and by Freecam.
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