The Jury is a group of diverse people involved in all Court Cases. The Jury determines the verdict of the defendant and subsequently the success of players in their prosecution or defence. Players present their cases to the Jury in hopes of persuading them to see the player's viewpoint. Additionally, players must focus their closing arguments specifically on one member of the Jury in order to more effectively influence their verdict.


Wearing the Ring Of Charos causes the tooltip description to change from "A member of the Jury." to the following:

Juror Description
RangerA ranger, he prefers the bow and arrow to all other combat. He's a straight arrow and hates evil doers.
WizardA wizard, he researches the mysteries of life and performs magic.
MinerA miner, works hard all day mining rocks. Likes to party in the evenings.
CookA cook, he spends all day making bread and stopping people stealing his cakes. He hates stew.
Shady GentlemanA shady-looking gentleman. He's likely involved in the criminal underworld.
Young ManA young man. He's concerned with starting his own business and making money. Also enjoys a rowdy party.
BarbarianA barbarian. He is sensitive to any disrespect of his culture.
Elderly GentlemanAn elderly gentleman. He's worried about his safety and a rise in crime.
Young WomanA young woman. She's concerned with the safety of her children.
Shady IndividualA shady-looking fellow. He covers up his face to hide his identity.
Desert DwellerA desert citizen. She doesn't have much love for mainlanders.
Elderly CitizenAn elderly gentleman. He doesn't like parties or noise.
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