This article is about the monster. For the god, see The Kendal (god).
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The Kendal is a cannibalistic human serial killer who resided in a complex of caves to the north of the Mountain Camp. He is thought to be responsible for the murder and consumption of dozens of humans, trolls and dwarves. To avoid being disrupted by the superstitious locals, he impersonated a local mountain god with the use of a bear suit. Asleif Hamalsdotter, the daughter of the mountain tribe chieftain, is his last known human victim, killed in year 155 of the Fifth Age. The Kendal claims that he did not eat her like his other victims because she was "too pretty".

During Mountain Daughter, players discover him in his cave while trying to find Asleif's corpse. His secret is uncovered after the player character claims that he looks like a man in a suit, causing the Kendal to unwittingly exclaim "How did you know?". He then attacks players in an attempt to stop them from revealing his secret to the mountain tribe. He has a maximum hit of 90, and only fights using melee, so he can be safely killed using Ranged or Magic as the skeletons of his previous victims in the cave can be used as obstacles. Once the player kills the Kendal, they obtain the Bearhead mask and are able to put Asleif to rest.

The Kendal can be fought as a class G boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame if the player has completed Mountain Daughter.

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  • The Kendal is a reference to the monster Grendel from the Old English epic Beowulf.
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