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The Lady of the Lake gives you Excalibur after her test in Merlin's Crystal. The player will have to go to the jewellery shop in Port Sarim and when they step in, a Beggar will appear. The player must give the beggar some bread, and when done, the beggar will turn into the lady of the lake and give you Excalibur.

She can still be found in southeast Taverley, but game updates have changed the landscape. She is located on the peninsula in the middle of Lake Crystalmere. Players can also look for the balloon transport station, near the tree farming plot. She will be nearby.

After completing the hard Seers' Village Tasks and having earned Seers' headband 3 (you do not need to be wearing it), she will upgrade Excalibur to Enhanced Excalibur.

If you lose your Excalibur, you can visit her and pay 500 coins for another one. She says that it will help her save up for a new dress.

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The Lady of the Lake introduces herself.


  • In Celtic mythology, The Lady of the Lake is the woman who reached out of the water to catch Excalibur when it was thrown into the Lake, by Bedivere, when Arthur was dying. She is also the person who originally gave it to him. Due to this, it can be assumed that the Lady of the Lake may have close ties with King Arthur. Also, on top of all of that, she is the mother of Sir Lancelot in the stories and sends him to King Arthur for his training. If players do not give bread to the Beggar, the Lady of the Lake will not think they are worthy to have Excalibur.

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