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This article is about the miniquest. For the location, see Tarn's Lair.
The Lair of Tarn Razorlor
Release date 22 January 2007 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series None
Developer(s) Unknown edit
Age Fifth Age
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The Lair of Tarn Razorlor is a miniquest where the player's objective is to kill Tarn Razorlor and retrieve his diary. Using his diary on a salve amulet will enchant it, increasing its bonuses from 15% to 20% more damage against the undead.


Start pointQuest map icon.png Speak to the Zealot at the mines in Morytania
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyNone
Official lengthMedium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest.png Quests:
  • 40 Slayer Slayer to begin the fight with Tarn Razorlor (cannot be boosted)
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

Recommended items:

  • Armour and weapons
  • Food and potions
Enemies to defeat Tarn Razorlor (level 79)

Getting to Tarn Razorlor

A map of Tarn's Lair, with the route highlighted in green

The ring of slaying can teleport you directly to Tarn's lair, if you've unlocked it.

The entrance to Tarn's Lair is at the northern end of the ground level of the Abandoned Mine.

For a guide to the correct path through the dungeon, see Tarn's Lair#Route.

Fighting Tarn Razorlor

Fighting mutant Tarn

Tarn's bedroom, with his diary on a table

Upon entering the room with Tarn, a cutscene of Tarn transforming into a green mutant with lashing tentacles and unleashing two level 65 terror dogs plays. After this cutscene, the fight will begin. Animated steel armour will also attack if moved near them.

Tarn can attack with both melee and magic, but attacks solely with melee if approached. Since the terror dogs can only use melee, Protect from Melee or Deflect Melee is strongly recommended, but Prayer is drained constantly, so bring Prayer potions. Tarn is weak to Air spells in his first form.

After his first form is defeated, he will turn into a ghost, and is now weak to thrown weapons. Tarn Razorlor is the only monster required to be killed, so ignoring the minions and turning off Auto Retaliate is recommended.

As soon as Tarn is defeated, a room will open up. Tarn's diary is in this next room on a table. Use the diary with a salve amulet to create a salve amulet (e). This completes the miniquest.



Music unlocked



  • If players had bought or learned to make a ring of slaying, they used to be able to teleport into Tarn's Lair and fight him directly without having to go through the whole dungeon. As part of the 15 September 2010 update this ability was temporarily removed, forcing players to journey through the entire dungeon. It was reinstated in a later update prior to 8 December 2010, before finally being removed again on 28 November 2011. As of 8 January 2017 you can teleport directly to Tarn after completion of Haunted Mine.