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This is the quick guide for The Light Within.
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Start pointQuest map icon
The Light Within icon
Speak to Eluned in Prifddinas
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyGrandmaster Grandmaster
Official lengthLong
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
Ironman badge Hardcore Ironman badge Ironmen:
Quest Quests:

These levels can be boosted:

  • 89 Crafting Crafting (for a crystal flask to make the grand defence potion)
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added. The hoardstalker ring or Dungeoneering cape can be used to teleport to the Baxtorian Falls resource dungeon if you've accessed it before, removing the need for Glarial's amulet or a rope
Enemies to defeat

Starting off

Items needed: Enchanted key


Items needed: enchanted key, 1 free inventory space
Items recommended: Sixth-Age circuit to teleport to Guthix's shrine
  • Go to Guthix's shrine in the caves north-west of the Legends' Guild entrance.
  • Walk up to Guthix as close as possible and rub the enchanted key.
  • Talk to Guthix. (Chat 14)
  • Go west and talk to Haluned. (Chat 1123)
  • Talk to Guthix. (Chat 2~)
  • Return to the conclave in the Tower of Voices. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to everyone except Eluned.
  • Read Baxtorian's journal, given to you by Arianwyn.


Artisan shard

Items needed: Trahaearn exoskeleton set, 1 free inventory space
Items recommended: crystal teleport seed
  • Equip the Trahaearn exoskeleton set.
  • Investigate the well in Lletya. (Chat 1)
  • Attempt to pass the Trahaearn automaton mk V. (Chat 4323)
  • Take the Seren shard.

Naturalist shard

Items needed: grand defence potion, 3 free inventory spaces
Items recommended: crystal teleport seed
  • Talk to Coeden, the living tree surrounded by ivy in the Crwys Clan district. (Chat 1)
    • Click on the elven clan symbols which appear throughout the dialogue.
    • You will receive a wintercup mushroom.
  • Pick a bloodcap mushroom just west of the Tirannwn mushroom farming patch.
    • It can be reached by teleporting to the Tirannwn lodestone and going west through the dense forest.
  • Combine the mushrooms with a grand defence potion to create an Elixir of Revealment.
  • Travel to the currently active crystal tree (excluding the one in Prifddinas) and use the elixir on any of the tree's shards.
  • Enter the cave entrance that appears and take the Seren shard.

Military shard

Items needed: Glarial's amulet and rope or hoardstalker ring/Dungeoneering cape, 2 free inventory spaces
Items recommended: Games necklace
  • Go to the Waterfall Dungeon.
  • Enter the eastern room.
  • Search the odd coloured crate to find a key.
  • Ensure you have read Baxtorian's journal, then proceed to western room and enter through the two doors to the north.
  • Investigate the statue of King Baxtorian. (Chat 24)
  • Take the Seren shard.

Wisdom shard

Items needed: three light cores
Items recommended: crystal teleport seed
  • Go to the Corrupted Seren Stone in the Hefin Cathedral, located in the northern-most part of Prifddinas. (Chat 12)
  • Follow Lady Hefin through the 3 sets of poses and incantations.
    • Consider writing down the first letter of every word of the incantations.


Items needed: Seren shard (harmony), Seren shard (prudence), Seren shard (integrity), and Seren shard (wisdom)
Items recommended: Sixth-Age circuit, combat equipment, and food, your best tools if you skill for the shards instead of kill
World gate icon T

The world gate icon for Tarddiad


  • Watch the cut-scene and go through the dialogue. Skipping won't work. (Chat ~~~11)
  • Travel to the World Gate and travel to Freneskae using the quick dial option
  • Avoid Muspah attacks by walking around.
  • Talk to Zaros.

Light puzzle

There are three rings in the puzzle: outer, middle and core. To solve the puzzles, rotate any crystal from each ring as many times and in the direction specified below.

Puzzle 1

Outer ring: +2 (2x clockwise)
Middle ring: -2 (2x anti-clockwise)
Core ring: -1 (1x anti-clockwise)

Puzzle 2

Outer ring: +2 (2x clockwise)
Middle ring: +1 (1x clockwise)
Core ring: -2 (2x anti-clockwise)

Puzzle 3

Outer ring: 0 (no movement)
Middle ring: -2 (2x anti-clockwise)
Core ring: -3 (3x anti-clockwise)

Puzzle 4

Outer ring: -2 (2x anti-clockwise)
Middle ring: +2 (2x clockwise)
Core ring: -2 (2x anti-clockwise)

Seren's return

  • Talk to Seren. (Chat ~1)
  • Return to the conclave in the Tower of Voices.
  • Quest complete!


The Light Within reward
Music unlocked
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