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The Light Within is a grandmaster elf quest released on 24 August 2015. It was previously proposed to be released on 17 August, but it was pushed back. It was developed by Mod Ollie and Mod Raven and was released alongside Seren-themed prayers and spells, and the ability to visit Tarddiad during and after the quest.

The central focus of the quest is the return of the crystalline goddess of the elves, Seren, by helping the elven elders to find and reunite her shards.


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Start pointQuest map icon
The Light Within icon
Speak to Eluned in Prifddinas
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyGrandmaster Grandmaster
Official length1-2 Hours
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Quest Quests:
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Enemies to defeat May need to defeat level 112 slayer creatures
Eluned chathead

To start the quest, talk to Eluned in the Ithell district of Prifddinas, north of the player-owned house portal. The screen will start shaking as she questions Seren's arrival, worrying that the city will collapse. She requires your help in forming Seren.

Go upstairs in the Tower of Voices and all the clan leaders will be there, along with Seren in the middle. They will debate whether they should reform Seren or not, and they will give you the option whether to reform Seren or not. it is unknown if either choice matters.

After choosing, they will wonder as to how they will reform Seren. Lady Trahaearn will suggest using the Enchanted key. Give her the key and she will attune it to moments in time relating to Seren.

Now you must follow the path which the Enchanted key takes you. This can be found by feeling the key, but the position is the same for everyone. It is at Guthix's Cave at Guthix's corpse, easily accessible through the Sixth-Age circuit. Upon arrival, rub the key and you will be transported back in time.

Guthix will be there. Talk to him and pick any dialogue options. He will talk about the Enchanted key's origins and how to restore Seren. He suggests reconstructing her major shards through elven magic and replacement crystal. However, Guthix also notes that they are being spied on. He asks you to find out who it is.

Go west through the tunnels to find Haluned. She will recognise the player from Meeting History, and you may talk to her to find out that she is the twin of Eluned. While trying to talk to her further, she will teleport away, and Guthix will summon you again.

Guthix believes that Eluned is her twin, and because of that, the player will need to make a difficult choice later in the quest because they are both shards of Seren. After talking to Guthix, you will teleport back into the present.

Finding the major Shards of Seren

Return to the top of the Tower of Voices, where each leader will mention that two clans hold one major shard of Seren. Amlodd and Hefin, known as the Spiritualists, hold one shard. Crwys and Meilyr, known as the Naturalists, hold another. Cadarn and Iorwerth, the Military, hold a third, and Ithell and Trahaearn, the Artisans, hold the final one.

Talk to each individual clan leader about finding their respective shard

Lady Trahaearn tells you that they hid the shard under the watchful gaze of Lady Ithell, with some sort of defence system. Lady Ithell will tell you that the shard is hidden deep beneath the earth and the entrance is watched over by clan Ithell.

Lord Iorwerth recommends you talk to Arianwyn, who will give you Baxtorian's journal. The journal includes a riddle to find the shard. You must read the journal for Arianwyn to appear later.

Lord Amlodd and Lady Hefin tell you that the shard was recovered from the Poison Waste and is trying to be purified. Amlodd tells you that a ritual must be done to completely purify it, which requires three light cores. This ritual is completed in the Hefin Cathedral.

Lady Meilyr and Lord Crwys tell you that she buried the shard and it grew into a crystal tree. However, to regain the shard, you will need a potion, formed by mixing a grand defence potion with a rare ingredent from Isafdar and another item that is a closely guarded secret of the treants.

Finding the shards can be completed in any order. Upon finding all four, return to the Tower of Voices.

Meilyr and Crwys shard

Items required: Grand defence potion The Elixir of Revealment potion is obtained from mixing a grand defence potion with a wintercup mushroom and a bloodcap mushroom

Talk to Coeden in the Crwys district. He will tell you that you need the wintercup mushroom, which he will give you after you listen to his story. To stay awake, click on the icons that appear on the screen as he is narrating you the story.

The next mushroom is found west of the Tiranwnn mushroom patch. A bloodcap mushroom can be picked from the plant.

Use both mushrooms on the potion to create the Elixir of Revealment. The potion must then be used on an active Crystal tree to reveal a cave entrance. Take the seren shard (harmony) from the roots.

Trahaearn and Ithell shard

Items required: Trahaearn exoskeleton set

Travel to Lletya (teleporting with a crystal teleport seed or by a similar method) and wear the Trahaearn exoskeleton set. Investigate the well in front of the Ithell Statue, then climb into the well. You will encounter Trahaearn automaton mk V, which will not let you pass unless you are wearing the outfit. Then it will question you.

The set is made out of runite. Lady Trahaearn's husband is Cynog. Five seren stones are being managed. "The future is doomed" is the answer to the last question.

Take the shard from the singing bowl.

Amlodd and Hefin shard

Items required: Three light cores

Three light cores are required, which are obtained from cleansing shadow cores in the Amlodd district. Shadow cores are an uncommon drop from all types of shadow creatures, and thus it can take up to 20 minutes to get 3 light cores.

Walk up to the Hefin Cathedral and there will be a chatbox option to purify the corrupted seren stone. Lady Hefin will speak words which you must copy. It is similar to the Serenity posts. Then she will require you to repeat an incantation. This will repeat three times with increasing difficulty.

After completing the incantation, you will be given a seren shard (wisdom).

Iorwerth and Cadarn shard

Items required: Glarial's amulet, a rope, A key (Waterfall Dungeon) (obtainable during this part)

Travel to Baxtorian Falls with Glarial's amulet, and enter the dungeon under the falls. Go into the eastern room and search the northern crates for A key (Waterfall Dungeon). Then, go into the western rooms and Arianwyn will appear.

Investigate the statue of Baxtorian. Arianwyn will chant an incarnation which will make Baxtorian come back to life.

Take the seren shard (integrity).

Song of Restoration

Four pieces of the Song of Restoration must be found. One is obtained from Baxtorian.

Return to the Tower of Voices with the four shards. A cutscene will occur where Seren needs your help, and you will obtain the second piece of the song.

Go back into the Tower of Voices and return the shards to each leader. However, Lord Iorworth will mention that the shards of the Dark Lord (Haluned and Eluned) need to be used as well.

Go to Morvran and ask to be taken to the Grand Library. Go west through the door to enter the Grand Library. In the very south-west corner, take the shard. You will be given a choice to include the dark Seren shard in the restoration of Seren. Return to the Tower of Voices, but more crystal is needed.


Teleport to the World Gate with the Sixth-Age circuit. Rotate the dials until a number "1" is presented on the Gate. This is the portal to Tarddiad. Step through it and a cutscene will occur where Seren regrets going to Gielinor. The third piece of the Song of Restoration is remembered here.

50 Tarddian crystals need to be collected. Crystal fragments can be obtained from mining solid crystal, chopping branching crystal or fishing floating crystals, which can be exchanged with Angof for more fragments at a rate of 3 to 1. Killing Crystal Shapeshifters gives you 2 Tarddian crystals as well.

Speak to Angof and exchange some crystals to get the final piece of the Song of Restoration.

Hidden around Tarddiad are three journals that fill in some backstory about Seren's arrival on Tarrdiad. North east of the World Gate, on the west side of the stairs near the southernmost ruins is a crystal formation that can be searched for an Dusty Tarddian Journal. On the northwest side is a large boulder inside a house that can be searched for a Ancient Tarddian Journal. Northeast of that, next to the river is a bush that can be searched for the Weathered Tarddian Journal.

In the house behind Angof, there is a chest which can be searched for her diary. Although you cannot take it, you can read it.


Once 50 crystals have been collected, the restoration ceremony will begin. You have the option to sacrifice Eluned, although it will not affect the choice. Seren appears before the elders but collapses due to a lack of strength, shocking them all. She will appear to you in mind and tell you she must be fixed as she is still very weak. After the elders discuss that she needs to be taken to Freneskae, you can go now or prepare. Once ready, talk to Baxtorian to progress further.

A cutscene will ensue once you are teleported, taking Seren through the Approach. As you reach The Cradle, a Force muspah will attack you. Since you are carrying Seren you cannot fight it and will need to avoid their attacks. After a while, Zaros will appear and banish the muspah, and will say that it wasn't the right idea to bring her here. He will take you to the Elder Halls as long as you promise not to tell Seren of his appearance.

Light puzzle

The light puzzle contains 3 different rings. The outer ring, middle ring and core ring. It can be hard to see but if you make the compass point north you can see it clearer and can guess which mirrors belong to the outer, middle and core ring. Rotating each ring has an effect on the other 2 rings.

Puzzle 1:

  • Outside ring: +2 (2x clockwise)
  • Middle ring: -2 (2x anti-clockwise)
  • Core ring: -1 (1x anti-clockwise)

Puzzle 2:

  • Outside ring: +2 (2x clockwise)
  • Middle ring: +1 (1x clockwise)
  • Core ring: -2 (2x anti-clockwise)

Puzzle 3:

  • Outside ring: 0 (no movement)
  • Middle ring: -2 (2x anti-clockwise)
  • Core ring: -3 (3x anti-clockwise)

Puzzle 4:

  • Outside ring: -2 (2x anti-clockwise)
  • Middle ring: +2 (2x clockwise)
  • Core ring: -2 (2x anti-clockwise)


The Light Within reward


  • The quest's name is a reference to Within the Light, an earlier elf quest.[2]
  • The quest was originally suggested on RuneLabs
  • 80 Slayer was stated as a requirement in the podcast and Behind the Scenes video from 14 August 2015, however this was later noted to be a mistake.[3] Yet when the quest was released, 80 Slayer was indeed one of the requirements.
  • There is a platform inside Tarddiad and if you stand on it, lightning will strike the ground and a raven called "Bran" will appear. He is spotted like a Raven in the same way as the ravens for the Ravensworn title. It disappears after you spot it. This is a reference to the character "The Three Eyed Crow" from Game of Thrones.
  • There is a crate in Angof's house that when searched produces the message "This crate is sealed; you cannot open it currently.". This crate can be opened by returning the Ancient Elven Wedding Ring to Angof yielding a journal entry.


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