The Long Hall

The Long Hall interior.png

The Long Hall exterior.png
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Location Gunnarsgrunn
Members No
Sells None
NPCs Chieftain Gunthor
Monsters 4 Barbarians, Barbarian Woman, Haakon the Champion
Related quests Gunnar's Ground
Chieftain Gunthor location.png

The Long Hall is a tavern located in the northern part of Gunnarsgrunn. Many Barbarians are found inside and with them is the powerful Haakon the Champion. Lower levelled players may find Haakon a challenge because of his combat level, and should note that it may be dangerous to attack more than one Barbarian, especially since one or two use Ranged weapons. The Long Hall is almost always filled with players training because of the constant respawn of cooked meat, which heals life points. There are also two non-stop fires at the end of the hall, useful for cooking fish caught in the river to the east. If players take an empty beer glass and use it on a barrel of beer, they will be attacked by barbarians that are close to the player. Sometimes, a Raccoon may become trapped in here.

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