The Buried treasure chest is an activity located in the east side of Falador Park, near Darla. It appeared after the Falador graphical rework, as part of the Invasion of Falador event.

Players can work on opening the chest every day between 22 and 26 October 2015. Each day will require a different skill, determined by returning to the chest. Free players will not be given a members' skill as a requirement.

Every day that the activity is active, players will recieve 100 basic tools on login. Additional tool packs can be purchased for loyalty points. Players can also earn golden tools from Treasure Hunter, which give 25 times the experience and contribution if the player's skill level is over 50, or 10 times if below 50. Each set of tools, basic or golden, can be used 5 times before it breaks.


The two skills available each day were as follows.

Day One

  • Mining
  • Farming


Working on the chest each day will allow a player to receive experience in the required skill, and will increase the player's personal and community contribution towards opening the chest. This contribution will allow players to receive additional rewards.

Community Rewards

This reward is given to all players that help contribute towards unearthing the chest when it is earned.

Personal Rewards

These rewards are earned for individual players, given for contributing towards the chest over the course of the activity.


  • Unlike various other events and activities, Ironman accounts can participate in this activity, however they cannot receive some of the rewards. They will still receive cosmetic overrides.
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