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The Measure is an Elder Artefact. It was originally created by Jas in a previous cycle of the universe to check for anima levels[1] to ensure a world has enough anima to sustain the Elder Halls.

Purpose in the quest

The Measure is first found during the Fate of the Gods quest in the Elder Halls of Freneskae, and is used to help in the plan to create a new body for Zaros. Once placed on the ground while in Freneskae's Elder halls, it will turn all faint Mah wisps into solid Mah wisps, allowing their energy and memories to be collected. After Zaros is restored, the Measure remains in the player's possession.

Placing it at specific locations across Gielinor will spawn an elder chronicle, indicating the presence of an Elder God. Collecting one gives 50,000 Divination experience and there are four in total, adding up to 200,000 experience.

Places where the Measure can be placed to spawn an elder chronicle:

Collecting all four elder chronicles awards the achievement Measure of Old, which is a requirement for the master quest cape.


  • When placed, it appears as a yellow dot on the minimap.
  • When used on Seren in the Tower of Voices she will remark, "That...that is one of Their should not be in the hands of a mortal!"
  • The Measure is quite possibly the oldest object in existence, as it predates even Gielinor itself.
  • No gods are known to have used the Measure to ascend or bolster their power.


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