The Pick and Lute

The Pick and Lute interior

The Pick and Lute exterior
Release date 31 January 2012 (Update)
Location Taverley
Members No
Sells Wizard's mind bomb
Dwarven stout
Asgarnian ale
NPCs Rolo the Stout (before completion of Let Them Eat Pie), Ruth Savage, Mess Sergeant Ramsey, Tostig, Pompous Merchant, Kepple, Shady Characters
Monsters None
Related quests Let Them Eat Pie
Tostig location
The Pick and Lute logo

The Pick and Lute is a pub in Taverley. It is involved in the Let Them Eat Pie quest and is the location of Bernald and his grape vines during the Garden of Tranquility. The Rogues' Den can be accessed through a trapdoor in the north-east corner of the pub near Ruth Savage.

For the purposes of a challenge scroll, there are 10 tables in the inn.


The Pick and Lute shares its stock with Toad and Chicken.

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Wizard's mind bomb Wizard's mind bomb 10 2 coins 0 232 2,300
Dwarven stout Dwarven stout 10 2 coins 0 155 1,530
Asgarnian ale Asgarnian ale 10 2 coins 0 773 7,710


  • Its name is a play on the words pick and loot, alluding to the Rogues' Den beneath the pub.
  • Prior to its removal, it was also part of the Troll Warzone tutorial.
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