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The Raptor is one of the seven Signature Heroes, and is arguably the most mysterious; "Who are the Signature Heroes?" only describes the Raptor as a mysterious warrior. When speaking to The Raptor, he will comment on monsters killed by the player in quests, often stating his opinion on whether the feat is impressive or not.

The Raptor's race is currently unknown, and one piece of artwork of him has been released by Jagex with the website's Adventurer's Log. The Raptor seems to be very protective of his true identity, always appearing fully clad in armour and helm and refusing to take any of it off. This armour was defined as having been made by Xenia in the third episode of the Above the Lore podcast. The Raptor has been confirmed male by the game guide following the site's update.


Very little is known about The Raptor, even amongst the other Signature Heroes. He places great worth in combat prowess, often embarking on expeditions purely for the chance to fight stronger monsters, considering treasure and glory to be worthless.[1] He has great respect for those willing and capable of facing strong opponents, including the Pest Queen, the Mahjarrat Lucien, and himself.[1] However, he does not consider all strong monsters to be worthy of respect - slaying powerful dragons like Elvarg or demons like Nezikchened are unimpressive feats to him. His solution to any problem he encounters is to simply kill whatever is causing it,[2][3][4] and dislikes any solution that is not combat-related.[5] He is rather arrogant, believing himself to be unstoppable[6] and capable of surviving feats that nobody should survive.[7] His stubborn refusal to consider being a Slayer master causes Kuradal to remark that she hopes others do not end up like him.

The Raptor can often be found facing strong monsters such as lesser and greater demons and brutal green dragons. He rarely stays for long before moving onto the next foe. He appears to get bored easily, as during his brief tenure as a Slayer Master he could only stay in one location for a week before moving onto stronger foes. After a month, he abandoned his role as Slayer Master, stating that it was not what he expected and that he dislikes standing around doing nothing when there are challenging foes to hunt down.

The Raptor has a reputation as a fierce warrior, being feared and respected by many.[1][8] However, he appears to have little value for life.[9][10]


The Raptor's weapon

The Raptor is a strong warrior, capable of dealing 10,000 life points worth of damage to a brutal green dragon with his unique mace. He also has strong defensive capabilities, utilising his giant shield to withstand the fiery breath of the Queen Black Dragon and covering his comrades during troll attacks. He is a powerful slayer, being able to kill Acheron mammoths, Camel Warriors, Ripper Demons and wyverns. Kuradal, one of the most powerful Slayer Masters around, is in awe of him, initially refusing to give him a task as she should be his student, rather than the other way round.

Early life

Very little is known about the Raptor's life. His abilities in combat earned him a reputation as a fierce warrior. At one point, he allied himself with Ariane and Ozan to track down an artefact, only joining them to fight the demons guarding it. One of the workers at the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock saw the trio as they were resting and went to get his friends Jonty and Kherian, who was a huge admirer of the Raptor. When they made to leave the city, Kherian threw a snowball at the Raptor in a bid to catch his attention. He angrily demanded to know who the culprit was and ignored Ozan's attempts to peacefully leave. Kherian came up to him, extremely nervous. He demanded to know why Kherian had done so, and when the boy quoted him he left, satisfied.[1]


The Raptor can be found in various places around Gielinor, but mainly in combat-related areas.


The Raptor can always be found standing on the first floor of the Legends' Guild.


The Raptor slaying greater demons.

The Raptor will frequently appear in these places for a while (around 3-4 minutes), then teleport away.


  • Inside the Gamers' Grotto talking to the Head mystic. The Raptor refuses to take off any armour in order to play Stealing Creation, and then teleports away.
  • Standing next to Kuradal. When speaking to him he demands a task from her, and after she argues that he could be a slayer master himself (but he wants to fight, not stand around all day) and that he should be teaching her, she assigns him 5,000 Dagannoths. After he teleports away, Kuradal will tell the player that she hopes they never become like that.
  • For one month (November 2015), The Raptor became a special "slayer master", appearing in Port Sarim, Al Kharid, Sophanem and near Rellekka each week.


The trio exit the dragon in an abnormal way.

The Raptor features in the Song from the Depths quest, released on 22 May 2012. He, along with the player, is asked to save the men of Rimmington from a restless sleep. After jumping into a chasm and subsequently being swallowed by the Queen Black Dragon, the player discovers that a siren named Remora, the source of the affliction, has been tricked into drawing the souls of the men towards her (and the sleeping dragon).

When Remora is released, the Queen Black Dragon awakens, disgorging the trio. The Raptor shields the player from dragonfire, but Remora is killed; the Raptor and the player teleport out just in time, and the men are freed from their sleep.

Cinematic trailer

The Raptor in the cinematic trailer.

The Raptor appears in the RuneScape cinematic trailer that can be watched here. Along with Sir Owen, Ozan and Ariane, The Raptor fights against a gigantic troll, and narrowly saves Ozan from the brute's axe.

Slayer master

Main article: Raptor's Challenge

The Raptor's final location during his challenge.

During the month of November in 2015, The Raptor acted as a unique slayer master who gave separate assignments from a smaller list of potential monsters. He only gave one assignment per day. His assignments gave two times the normal amount of slayer experience per kill. He also had his own gem with which he could be contacted, similar to an enchanted gem. His chest can still be accessed by the Burthorpe bank.

The Raptor's appearance as a slayer master coincided with the release of four new slayer monsters throughout the month, with one released every week. Following each monster's release, it was possible that they would be received as one of the Raptor's assignments, with special rewards available through drops from the new monster.

In the first week of the month, following the release of the wyverns, he could be found south of the Port Sarim Jail. While he was there a body of a dead wyvern could be found near him and his chest. During his stay near the entrance to the Ripper Demon cave, the body of a Ripper Demon was added on top of the wyvern. During his stay outside the walls of Sophanem, the body of a Camel Warrior was added on top of his current pile of corpses. During his stay outside Rellekka, the body of an Acheron mammoth was added on top of the current pile, squishing everything else underneath it due to its massive weight.

After a while, the Raptor, disgusted by how a slayer master operates by simply telling people to kill whatever they asked and how these new opponents were terribly weak, stopped his challenges. He decided to look for even more challenging opponents but left his chest in Burthorpe for anyone who managed to complete his key.

Player-owned farm

The Raptor occasionally appears at the Manor Farm, as Raptor the dragon expert. Six dragons may be sold to him each day in exchange for beans.

Positive traits give more beans, negative traits give fewer beans, specific traits that the buyer wants give significantly more beans.

Base beans per growth stage
Stage % of beans Sell price
Elder 70% 1,400 beans
Adult 85% 1,700 beans
Adolescent 100% 2,000 beans
Baby 20% 400 beans
Egg 10% 200 beans


The Raptor as depicted in the Adventurer's Log


Audio options icon.png
The Raptor's menacing voice
I'm going to put an end to your witchcraft.

Audio options icon.png
The Raptor making a threat
If you're here to stop me, then you have a problem.

  • If one tries talking to the Raptor before they have defeated any "worthy opponents", he will completely ignore them.
  • The Raptor had about 1000 life points before they were increased, as for a small time he could be slain by the brutal green dragons due to an update which buffed their strength.
  • The Raptor has the same voice actor as Bandos.
  • The Raptor would retaliate if attacked with a mindspike during the course of its glitch.
  • When you talk to the Raptor for the first time as a slayer master, he says "You, come here. I'm your slayer master now." which is a reference to the 2013 film Captain Philips.
  • His armour can be found in Zemouregal's treasure room in New Varrock. The armour's examine text and his head being missing from Zemouregal's bedroom wall collection suggests the Raptor was the only Signature Hero to survive Zemouregal's attack.
  • His player-owned farm version's examine text is a reference to the film How To Train Your Dragon.


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