The Runes of the Spells of Water detail

The Runes of the Spells of Water is a book detailing the number of runes required to cast water spells by the old method, which was used by Archmage Perien and the wizards of the old tower.

This item is used in the Rune Mysteries quest to find the key to the ruins. It can be found in a bookcase in a player-owned house.


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By Jalarast, apprentice of Traiborn

This volume lists the runes required by the old method of casting spells, as used by Archmage Perien and the wizards of the old tower. These sequences differ from the new method and are of little practical use, but they are preserved here for their historical interest.

Water Strike
1 water, 1 air, 1 mind

Water Bolt
2 water 2 air, 1 chaos

Water Blast
3 water, 3 air, 1 death

Water Wave
7 water, 5 air, 1 blood

Water Surge
10 water, 7 air, 1 blood, 1 death (see attached diagram)


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The Runes of Water Spells diagram


  • The Runes of the Spells of Water makes the old spell rune requirements part of official magic lore by referring to them in detail, even though the spells no longer need such runes. In the quest the old requirements in the book are referred to as old and obsolete methods, long refined into the requirements required after the Evolution of Combat. In other words, the book depicts spells as requiring runes such as chaos runes, death runes, and blood runes, but these runes are no longer required to cast standard combat spells.
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