For the shop accessed during Dimension of Disaster, see Thessalia's Fine Clothes (New Varrock).
Thessalia's Fine Clothes

Thessalia's Fine Clothes interior

Thessalia's Fine Clothes exterior
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Members No
Minimap icon Clothes shop map icon
Location Varrock
Owner Thessalia
Specialty Clothes
Thessalia location
Fine Clothes Logo

Thessalia's Fine Clothes is a clothes shop run by Thessalia, located south of Varrock Square. In addition to selling clothes, Thessalia will offer to give a player a "total clothing-makeover", currently for free. This allows the player to change the default shirt or pants they chose when creating their character.

If the player exploited the holiday drops in 2003, the first untradeable holiday items were available for recovery from Thessalia in her clothes store. For all following holiday events, however, untradeable holiday items are available from Diango, and discontinued tradeable items must be purchased for recovery.

On 13 August 2007, Thessalia's Fine Clothes added more clothes to its selection of default clothing, with a wider variety of colours and styles to choose from. On the first week of its release, players could change their clothes for free.

On 25 August 2010, a vast amount of new skill-specific clothing options and colours were added in response to requests for special clothing that could be worn with skill capes. Clothes previously cost 1000 gp to change, but the service is now free.

All attire and weapons except rings, ammunitions, auras and pocket slot items must be removed before characters can change their base appearance.

Costume points


Main article: Costume points

On 25 February 2009, with the Random Event Update and More, players could no longer exchange their frog tokens. This was because all the frog tokens changed into Random event gifts after to the update. Instead, this shop used to be the place where players could cash in their costume points from a reward at the Random event gift. Players were required to go to the shop and speak to an old lady named Iffie, who sits against the northern wall of the store in her rocking chair. There players were able to cash in their costume points, and exchange them for a costume. Costume points have since been removed, and costumes may now be purchased with coins.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
White apron White apron 10 2 coins 1 228 2,260
Leather body Leather body 1 21 coins 11 414 393
Leather chaps Leather chaps 1 20 coins 6 397 377
Leather gloves Leather gloves 1 6 coins 3 202 196
Leather vambraces Leather vambraces 1 18 coins 5 257 239
Leather boots Leather boots 1 6 coins 3 170 164
Leather cowl Leather cowl 1 24 coins 7 470 446
Leather shield Leather shield 1 68 coins 20 433 365
Brown apron Brown apron 10 2 coins 1 197 1,950
Pink skirt Pink skirt 10 2 coins 1 242 2,400
Black wizard robe skirt Black wizard robe skirt 10 2 coins 1 688 6,860
Wizard robe skirt Wizard robe skirt 10 2 coins 1 547 5,450
Cape (red) Cape (red) 10 20 coins 11 221 2,010
Silk Silk 10 55 coins 16 123 680
Priest gown (top) Priest gown (top) 10 5 coins 2 65 600
Priest gown (bottom) Priest gown (bottom) 10 5 coins 2 61 560
Needle Needle 10 1 coins 1 11 100
Thread Thread 1,000 4 coins 1 10 6,000
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