Thigat branches detail

Thigat branches are tier 7 branches obtained in the Dungeoneering skill. They can be acquired by cutting down a Thigat tree (gives 210 Woodcutting experience per branch), or buying from the Smuggler. Branches are lit with a tinderbox (giving 166 Firemaking experience per branch) or cut into items such as Thigat shortbow (u), Thigat longbow (u), Thigat trap, Thigat staff, or Arrow shafts. The unstrung bows can be strung with a bowstring to create a Thigat shortbow or Thigat longbow. They are also used as a secondary ingredient in creating level 62 Naabe deathslinger pouches.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
SmugglerDaemonheim22,500Rusty coinsNo
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