A player wearing third-age range armour.

Third-age ranger armour is armour made from white dragonhide, and is obtained as a reward from hard Treasure Trails. All of the pieces require 65 Defence and Ranged to wear. This armour will not interfere with Ava's alerter, Ava's accumulator, or Ava's attractor.

Third-age ranger armour has equal defensive bonuses when compared to royal dragonhide armour.

Components and bonuses

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Third-age range coif.pngThird-age range coif25900---25,270,307
Third-age range top.pngThird-age range top29800---27,552,731
Third-age vambraces.pngThird-age vambraces6400---23,088,143
Third-age range legs.pngThird-age range legs28500---29,325,690

Equipment set

Image Name
Third-age ranger set.png Third-age ranger set
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