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This is the quick guide for Three's Company.
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Start pointQuest map icon
Three's Company icon
Daemonheim, talk to Skaldrun after finding the Bearskin.
Member requirementF2P icon Free to play
Official difficultyUnknown edit
Official lengthMedium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added. Ring of kinship to find the bearskin
Enemies to defeat

Starting room

  • Control Ariane, pick up the dusk eels from the tables.

Guardian room #1

  • As Ariane, enter the door, kill all the enemies and pick up dusk eels.
  • (Unabridged)Control Sir Owen and investigate the pile of large rocks for a novite ore.
  • (Unabridged) Pick up the gold charm and heim crabs but do not eat them.

Ice puzzle room

  • Control Ozan and unlock the door by stepping on each of the 4 pressure plates.
  • Quickly switch to Ariane once in the next room.

Bridge room

  • As Ariane, kill all the enemies.
  • (Unabridged) Make a cub skinweaver by using the gold charm on the summoning obelisk.
  • (Unabridged) As Ariane, talk to the cub skinweaver.

Tile flip room

  • As Ariane, flip all tiles until all yellow or green.

Mysterious shade room

  • As Ariane, quickly pick up the green rectangle key and exit the room.

Magic imbue room

  • Unlock the green rectangle door and enter.
  • Right-click "Wait" Owen and Ozan on the pressure pads.
  • Enter the next room.

Strange crystal room

  • Take the crimson triangle key.
  • Right-click "Get-premonition" on any strange crystal.
  • Touch the following crystals in order:
South red
2× West blue
North green
West green
South yellow
  • Control Owen and Ozan and walk them off the pressure plates.
  • Control Ariane and unlock the crimson triangle door.

Guardian room #2

  • As Ariane, kill all the enemies and pick up the dusk eels.
  • Control Ozan, and enter the next room.

Door guard room

  • As Ozan, talk to the guard. (Chat 1212)
  • Quickly enter the next room while the guard is distracted.

Statue puzzle room

  • Control Owen and pull the statues into place.

Pickaxe room

  • (Unabridged) Enter the eastern door and pick up the fractite pickaxe.
  • (Unabridged) Return to the guard room and mine the zephyrium rock.

Agility room

  • (Unabridged) Control Ozan, enter the northern door and pick up the longsword.

Guardian room #3

  • Control Ariane and enter the southern door, kill the enemies and pick up the dusk eel.
  • Enter the next room and pick up the gold crescent key.
  • Talk to Pikkupstix. (Chat 4)
  • Home teleport and unlock the gold crescent door north of the starting room.

Confronting Carn

  • Enter the room and continue through the dialogue. (Chat 123)
  • Kill the two arctic bears and then kill Carn.
  • Once he is killed, choose any chat option.
  • Saga Complete!
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