Throne of Fame
Throne of Fame
Release date 10 November 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Prifddinas
Examine A throne for those who can wear a completionist cape.

The Throne of Fame is interactive scenery found in the Max Guild in Prifddinas. Only players that are able to wear a completionist cape can sit on it by right-clicking the throne and choosing "Sit".

The player can check the requirements needed to be able to sit on the throne by right-clicking on it. Players who do not have all requirements will receive a message in their chatbox listing the ones left, and be turned into an animal. This can also be used to check requirements for the trimmed completionist cape once the normal cape is obtained – without the animal transformation.


Throne of Fame (occupied)

A player sitting on the throne

For players without the completionist cape, Prayer points and Summoning points may be recharged by clicking the throne. Admiring the throne also heals damaged Summoning familiars and legendary pets back to full health.

The throne will boost Prayer points by 20 points above maximum when sat upon. Stalagmites also appear on both sides of the throne, and crystals displaying symbols of the Elven Clans will rotate on the ground around the throne. The effect improves when a trimmed completionist cape is worn.


  • When a Jagex Moderator attempts to sit on the throne, they are prompted with a message which states, "No! Bad mod, bad! No stealing throne from players."[1]


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