Through The Ages Original Soundtrack
Through The Ages Original Soundtrack
Release date 23 September 2017
Artists None
Composer(s) Ian Taylor, Stephen Lord, Adam Bond, Michael Manning, and James Hannigan
Discs 1
Tracks 16
Label Jagex Ltd.
Run time 57:12
Genre Orchestral, instrumental
Retail price Promotional

Through The Ages Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack composed by Ian Taylor, Stephen Lord (Mod Lord), Adam Bond (Mod Bond), Michael Manning, and James Hannigan.

It contains iconic songs from throughout RuneScape, the cd itself stating it is "a musical journey through RuneScape's audio from Old School to the present day". The soundtrack was released in cd form for attendees of RuneFest 2017, and is not available for purchase.

# Title Time
1 Scape Original 3:07
2 Newbie Melody 3:39
3 Adventure 2:32
4 Barbarianism 4:36
5 The Route of All Evil 3:01
6 Temple Desecrated 4:02
7 Animal Apogee 2:37
8 Book of Spells 6:48
9 Empyrean Citadel 3:48
10 Angel of Death 5:52
11 Citharede Requiem 3:08
12 Saradominists 4:25
13 Book of A Thousand Songs 3:32
14 Creation 4:09
15 Fragments of Guthix 2:14
16 Flute Salad (RuneFest Remix) 2:22
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