Time-limited events, also known as TLEs, are a type of event that occur in RuneScape for a limited period of time. In contrast to other types of events, time-limited events do not usually feature new content or miniquests, instead they require players to collect event currency to exchange for various cosmetics and prizes.

List of time-limited events

Name Start date End date Currency
Birth by Fire 8 November 2016 27 November 2016 Burning embers Burning embers
Deathbeard's Demise 30 January 2017 12 February 2017 Phantom doubloons Phantom doubloons
2017 Valentine's Day event[n 1] 9 February 2017 1 March 2017 Fabric scraps Fabric scraps
Agents of Fury 20 March 2017 2 April 2017 Zamorakian emblems Zamorakian emblems
Gielinorian Giving 8 May 2017 21 May 2017 Charity tokens Charity tokens
Aiding the Exile 19 June 2017 2 July 2017 Menaphite coins Menaphite coins
Build A Beach 17 July 2017 31 July 2017 Beach sand Beach sand
Gielinorian Giving II 2 October 2017 15 October 2017 Charity tokens Charity tokens
Going Like Clockwork 13 November 2017 27 November 2017 Clockwork pieces Clockwork pieces
Zodiac Festival 12 February 2018 25 February 2018 Zodiac talismans Zodiac talismans
Mental Health Awareness Week 14 May 2018 20 May 2018 Charity tokens Charity tokens
Rune Capers 20 August 2018 2 September 2018 Tokens of might Tokens of might

Tokens of talent Tokens of talent

Valkyrie's Return 21 January 2019 10 February 2019 Valkyrie feathers Valkyrie feathers
Avoiding Dental Catastrophe 15 April 2019 30 April 2019 Crystallised chocolate fragments Crystallised chocolate fragments
Breaking the Storm 24 June 2019 7 July 2019 Boat materials Boat materials
Mental Health Awareness Week 7 October 2019 13 October 2019 Charity tokens Charity tokens
  1. ^ TLE section of this event (Part II) did not start until 15 February

Daily limits

Time-limited events initially had limits to the amount of event currency that could be obtained each day. These limits could be extended using one of the following, obtained using RuneCoins:

However, daily limits were removed shortly after the Aiding the Exile event started due to criticism from players. There have not been any time-limited events with a daily limit since then.

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