For the tinsel snake that players can keep as a pet, see Sparkles.
Snowman (traditional) chathead
Tinsel Snake only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.

Tinsel Snakes are decorations in the 2011 Christmas event that tend to escape from the crate that Wizard Sioncorn uses to store them due to the fact that they absorbed magic from the artefacts in the attic of the Wizards' Tower. They must be grabbed to finish that part of the event. Only white Tinsel Snakes appeared in this event.

Red, blue and green tinsel snakes also appeared as part of the 2014 Christmas event Tinsel Snake Hunt. Players must hunt down as many as 10 snakes and lead them back to the central Christmas tree at Varrock square, in return for Summoning experience, cheer points and Sparkles if not owned.

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