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This is the quick guide for Tirannwn achievements.
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Items needed
  1. ^ a b c If traversing the Underground Pass from the West Ardougne entrance
Quests needed
Skills needed


Items needed
Quests needed
Skills needed


Items needed
Quests needed
Skills needed


Items needed
Quests needed
Skills needed

Easy achievements

  • Start north-east of the Grand Exchange in Varrock
  • Spirit tree teleport to Poison Waste
  • Run west and enter Sewer entrance
  • Kill a Warped terrorbird or Warped tortoise
  • Teleport to Ardougne
  • Equip your mourner gear and enter West Ardougne, run to the north-east building and enter the basement
  • Enter the cave and run to the Temple of Light
  • Kill a Shadow (Temple of Light) with an auto attack
  • Teleport to Eagles' Peak lodestone, head south and enter Arandar (wearing mourner gear)
  • Follow the path southwards, at the end mine Limestone to the north
  • Head south, cross the log and traverse the dense forest to the east
  • Enter the cave, travel through the Well of Voyage and exit through the door
  • Kill a Disciple of Iban using Iban's staff
  • Enter stairs north west of the cave
  • Run south to Klank, talk to him about his gloves
  • Exit the way you came and enter stairs directly east
  • Follow the path, entering the next section and keep following until you get to the door south of the spike pits; unlock it
  • Teleport to Lletya using your crystal teleport seed, repeat until no charges are left
  • Use the crystal teleport seed on Eluned or Ilfeen
  • Head east and talk to Gwir about a previous adventure
  • Teleport to Port Sarim lodestone, run south-east and Charter ship to Port Tyras
  • Buy a Tyras helm from a Trader Crewmember if not owned then follow the path to Tyras Camp
  • Equip the Tyras helm
  • Teleport to Yanille lodestone, run north to the fairy ring
  • Teleport to the Poison Waste (code DLR)
  • Teleport to Tirannwn lodestone
  • Head north-east and jump over Leaf trap
  • Jump back over and talk to Elf Tracker
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