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A Titan's constitution scroll enables the use of the special move for the Fire titan, Moss titan, and Ice titan. Titan's constitution scrolls are made by using Fire, Moss, or Ice titan pouches on a Summoning obelisk, providing 0.1 Summoning experience and 10 Titan's constitution scrolls. If the Voice of Seren is active in the Amlodd District in Prifddinas, using the Prifddinas obelisk will give 12 scrolls per pouch.

As it is not a combat ability, Titan's Constitution cannot be stored for auto-casting.

Titan's Constitution

Titan's Constitution is the special move for fire, moss and ice titans. The special raises the player's Defence by 12.5% and restores 6% of their maximum life points. It can also temporarily overheal a player by as much health. The special move does not drain adrenaline when used. It costs 20 Special moves points per use, 16 if Spirit cape is worn.


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