This article is about the monster in the TzHaar Fight Pit and TzHaar Fight Cave. For the monster in the Player-owned house dungeon, see Tok-Xil (POH).
"Xil" redirects here. For the TzHaar found in the city itself, see TzHaar-Xil.
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The Tok-Xil is a monster found in the TzHaar Fight Pit and TzHaar Fight Cave. It appears first in wave 7 of the Fight Caves. It uses very accurate melee and ranged attacks. Its melee can hit into the low 200s to 300s, but its range has been known to hit around 500. This monster has very low life points and defence making them much easier to defeat than their combat level suggests. Their primary weakness in the fight caves is slashing weapons, so it is advisable to bring a high level slashing weapon (Godswords work nicely) to make short work of them. They have no weakness when encountered in the Fight Pit. A level 135 version of the Tok-Xil can also be purchased by players to guard the Treasure Room in their personal dungeon. They cost 5 million coins each.

They have a stronger TokHaar counterpart: the TokHaar-Tok-Xil.


  • Prior to their update on 14 February 2012, their examine text was "I don't like the look of those spines...".

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