Tomb of Catolax map
Catolax's Tomb entrance

Entering Catolax's tomb...

Tomb of Catolax

Catolax in his tomb.

The Tomb of Catolax features in the Smoking Kills quest. It is located underground in the Ruins of Ullek area. Its entrance is on the plateau, just north of the archaeologists' camp, in an area full of high-level, aggressive Skeletons. The Ruins of Ullek are in the south-eastern Kharidian Desert and are subject to Desert heat, so players are advised to bring a Water source. The tomb itself is not subject to desert heat.

The ghost of Catolax haunts the central part of the tomb; a Ghostspeak amulet is required to speak with him unless the Morytania legs 3 have been obtained (also if they are in the bank or destroyed). During the quest, to reach the ghost, the player must deactivate traps and fighter various monsters, as described in the quest's article.

After the quest, the traps in the central corridor are deactivated, and there are no monsters in the tomb. However, there is little need to talk to the ghost after the quest apart from his history, and there is little or nothing else of interest in the tomb.


  • Although the ghost of Catolax remains in the tomb after the quest, at the same time another ghost of Catolax also haunts the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon.
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