Tombstone transcription detail

The tombstone transcription is received after defeating Gravecreeper in Dungeoneering. As with all the other Dungeoneering journal drops, it is random when you will receive the drop. It is the eleventh Miscellaneous journal and was written by Radgund, who is now one-third of the Skeletal trio.


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Tombstone Transcription

I have transcribed the words written on Grave Creeper's tombstone: 'Here lieth Atlus Creeper, grave digger. His riches were bones, and he stole liberally. We ask that you steal his riches with the same abandon. May his grave be toiled, his body spoiled and the worms grow tired of being turned.' I believe that, by reading the gravestone, I have been gripped by a terrible curse, wasting my body. I can only hope that, by reading this transcription, the curse has been transferred to you. I apologise, reader, but my situation calls for desperate action. Please do not take it personally.


Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Gravecreeper84; 88; 92; 96; 100; 105; 109; 113; 117; 121; 126; 130; 134; 138; 1421Common
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