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The Tooth Fairy is one of three fairies working alongside the Fairy Queen after the Godfather takes over Zanaris. She plays a large role in Fairy Tale III, coming up with the plan to get rid of the Fairy Godfather.

After the aforementioned quest, she will buy certain kinds of tooth from the player:

Item to be sold Payment for item
Kebbit teeth 1 coin
Monkey dentures 50 coins
Old tooth 2,000 coins
Suqah tooth 2,000 coins

After completing Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift players may claim a tooth pet from her. For this you need to bring her kebbit tooth, suqah tooth, old tooth, monkey dentures and human child's tooth.


During Fairy Tale III, the Tooth Fairy can be found in the projector room in Fairy Resistance Hideout.

After Fairy Tale III, the Tooth Fairy can be found in the throne room, south of the Chicken Shrine. She can be reached by walking east from the wheat field and then south.


Dev blog fairy generals

Concept art of the Fairy General

  • Before the release of the quest, she was shown in a concept art in the developers' blog Fairy Tale III: Subtitle Yet to Be Approved[1]. She was referred to as the Fairy General in the description of the concept art and the Development Diary.
  • In Fairytale III, she appears in a briefing film as 'fairy tooth hunter' (with examine text "A fairy trained in 'hunting' teeth.") being chased by a Terror Dog. She is then shown as an injured fairy (examine text at this point is "She's 'armless.") whose leg injury is healed by a spell from a fairy doctor. This is confirmed to be the Tooth Fairy when talking to her after the video and asking "Did that fairy in the briefing survive?" She might also be the Fairy Tooth Farmer, growing Gnarly and the Fairy Tooth Hunter making the orks' teeth rot.


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