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The Tooth half of a key is an item dropped by any NPC that drops gems. They can be found in the chest in Taverley, the barrows chest or the evil tree rewards. It is also a reward from the Gnome Restaurant activity, although much more infrequently than the loop half. This item can also be obtained through the fishers in Miscellania, which is also quite rare. A tooth half of key may also be looted from magpie implings along with the loop half of key.

The tooth half of a key is used with a loop half of a key to make a crystal key. This is used to unlock the Crystal key chest, which contains a dragonstone, and other items.

The Tooth half of a key was subject to a huge increase in price over a period of about seven days, caused by a merchant clan. This peaked on 28 May 2009, when it reached a Grand Exchange market price of 105.9k, more than two times that of the original stable price, which was around 50k. This was caused by an identical rise in the price of uncut dragonstone which was the result of a merchant clan buying out uncut dragonstones, as uncut dragonstones are most commonly obtained through use of the Crystal key, an item in which the Tooth half of a key is a part of. This was arguably one of the most influential merchant clan 'attacks' since the release of the Grand Exchange as many monsters drop the Tooth half of a key. As with most merchant clan buy outs, the item returned to a stable price.

Before the introduction of the Grand Exchange, both halves of the crystal key sold for the same price, at around 20,000-30,000 coins each. However, with the Grand Exchange, the tooth half of the key was perceived to be rarer than the loop half, and it became more expensive. Prices for both key halves later equalized, but now again tooth half is more expensive than the loop half.

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