Torcher charm detail

A torcher charm is a tertiary component used to make a Void torcher pouch, requiring level 34 Summoning. It is obtainable like the other void charms from a Void Knight by exchanging 2 Void Knight commendation points, received from playing the minigames, Pest Control and Conquest. It is also available in amounts of 14 or 28 for 28 or 56 points respectively. It can also be bought from Stanley Limelight for 4 thaler.

These charms are unstackable and untradeable. Like other void charms, it is used as a tertiary ingredient in making Summoning pouches.


Familiars that can be made with the Torcher charm are:

Level Familiar Charm Shards Create XP
34 Void Torcher Blue 74 59.6


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