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The tormented soul is a monster found on Uncharted Isles. It is considered a common resource, and will always be found near a pile of sun-bleached bones, which acts as their spawn point.

Attacking the tormented souls will scale their life points and combative abilities to the player's own combat level.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Chimes 1Chimes2–5CommonNot sold
Amulet of strengthAmulet of strength1Uncommon2,638
Big bonesBig bones1–2 (noted)Uncommon157–314
Mithril arrow 5Mithril arrow5; 8; 10; 13–14Common105–294
Adamant arrow 5Adamant arrow15Uncommon750
Yew logsYew logs(noted)Unknown855
Maple shortbowMaple shortbow1–2 (noted)Common896–1,792
Yew shortbowYew shortbow1–2 (noted)Uncommon1,014–2,028
Magic shortbowMagic shortbow(noted)Unknown1,389
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