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Tortle portals are portals with which one can teleport between The Islands That Once Were Turtles. There are five tortle portals on those islands.

For a large claimed uncharted isle, a set of two tortle portals can purchased from the Waiko Reward Shop, after all the portals on The Islands That Once Were Turtles have been charged.

Tortle portals on Turtles

The first portal is on the eastern island with the former Skulls' fortress. It can be charged without any energy, but does require level 90 Divination (boostable) to do so. It leads to the middle island with Halia, the divine merchant.

The second one is on the east side of the middle island to return to the eastern fortress island. The third portal is on the west side of the middle island. It requires 50 ancestral energy as a one-time payment to charge. It leads to the western island with the positive and negative wisps around the island chain's dead moai.

The fourth one is at the northeast part of the western island with the divine colony which returns to the middle island. The fifth portal is a one-way teleport to Waiko and located at the northwest part of the western island. It also requires 50 ancestral energy to be charged.

Charging all tortle portals is one of the requirements needed to wear the Completionist cape.


  • The item's examine text is a reference to the Portal video game series.
  • When charging one of the portals the phrase "reticulating shrines" may appear. This is a reference to the phrase "reticulating splines" found in many Maxis games such as SimCity.
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