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Tower Archers are located on top of the archer tower in the Ranging Guild. They are aggressive to players of all levels. You will need a bow or crossbow to attack them, as thrown weapons do not have a high enough attack range. Very few players train here as there are much better monsters to train on, such as TzHaar, aviansies, and lesser demons.They are also part of the medium Seers' Village Tasks, in which you have to kill 1 guard on each tower using a regular shieldbow.

When the archers attack a player, sometimes an arrow appears underneath where they are standing. The level 20 north tower archers drop iron arrows, the level 40 east archers drop steel arrows, the level 60 south archers drop mithril arrows and the level 80 west archers drop adamant arrows. A small amount of money can be made by standing at the west tower with Protect from Ranged or Deflect Ranged and picking up the arrows.


  • Tower Archers used to be popular for luring, as they could kill low level players very quickly. This lure has since fell out of popularity with the addition of gravestones.
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