This article is about the clockwork toy made on a Crafting table. For the reward from A Tail of Two Cats, see Mouse toy.
Toy mouse detail

A toy mouse is a clockwork item that players can wind up and release, whereupon it will move around on the floor. Winding it up will result in a toy mouse (wound), which can be caught for 3 Agility experience before it stops moving.

Members can make a toy mouse at a crafting table 4 (Construction level 42) in the workshop of a player-owned house. They need level 33 Crafting to construct the mouse, and gain 15 experience in doing so. The raw materials needed are a clockwork (made from a steel bar at any crafting table) and one ordinary plank.

Toy mice can also be picked up by Ava's accumulator.

If you use your pet cat to chase vermin while the toy mouse is released, the cat may catch it, and like regular rats, destroy it.

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  • Despite being a members item, members used to be able to use it on a non-members server. However, this is no longer possible.
  • Clockwork mice were formerly a great source of Agility experience since players would gain 15 experience points for trying to pick up a mouse, whether they caught it or not. Since players with low Agility levels would frequently fail to catch the mouse, they could repetitively attempt to pick them up and gain very fast experience. However, an update in February 2008 greatly reduced the experience gained.
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