Toy ship detail

A toy ship is found during the miniquest Koschei's Troubles, inside a strange chest that was discovered inside a tree.

Some writing on the back of the sail reads "Koschei, hopefully this will reach you at the right time. You will know in your bones if it is". Koschei will remark that he knows that he was obviously meant to find the ship at that time, as that is why the blossoming tree had suddenly started to bother him.

Seeing the ship unlocks of some lost memories for Koschei. He recalls being on a similar ship, when he was found at sea. He also recalls pain.

Koschei cannot initially remember any more, but remarks that when he looks at the ship he sees it on water. He asks the player to float the ship on some water from the well in Rellekka. When this happens, a panel opens on the toy ships's deck, revealing a small, white jewel.


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