Trader crewmember (male) chathead
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Trader crewmember (female) chathead

{{Expansion depth limit exceeded|name = Trader Crewmember |image = Trader crewmember (female) |update = New f2p prayers, port to port transport and improved dragon axe |release = 22 August 2006 |race = Human |members = Yes |quest = No |location = Charter Ship locations |shop = Trader Stan's Trading Post |gender = Varies |examine = *The effect is sort of spoiled by all those tattoos.

  • High heels on a ship? What is she thinking?
  • She'll never be able to climb rigging in that.
  • She looks a bit shaken...

|map = no


Trader Crewmembers are workers for Trader Stan's charter ship system, which operates all over Gielinor. At each port there are two Crewmembers, one male and one female, with the exception of the Headquarters of the system at Port Sarim, where Trader Stan himself is also present. They charter passage on the ships for large sums of coins ranging from 200 to 8,000, in addition to running Trader Stan's Trading Post, an exotic store containing several rare and colourful items and objects, including the otherwise-unobtainable tyras helm. The Crewmembers dress in very fine clothes, and can be asked about it, claiming that Trader Stan makes them wear the top-of-the-line garments to keep at the height of fashion. They then make a flippant comment about how they will resign if they fall overboard again.

The female employee at Musa Point is called Stephanie.

Trade charter map

The Charter System


  • When examining some of the female crewmembers, it states she has tattoos although she doesn't have any visible ones.
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