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Trader Stan is the owner of the Charter ships that sail players to various places in RuneScape for a price, including Catherby, Brimhaven, Musa Point, Oo'glog, the Ship yard, Port Khazard, Port Phasmatys, Port Sarim, and Port Tyras. Trader Stan can be found at the docks of Port Sarim, wearing a mustard-yellow outfit.

He also sells a number of items in Trader Stan's Trading Post, including common items like pots, jugs, bowls and tinderboxes, some food items including raw rabbit and bananas, and some fishing items such as fishing rods and lobster pots. He also sells more unusual items such as swamp paste, eye patches, glassblowing pipes, and Tyras helms.


  • He has many similarities to Stan from the Monkey Island series. Throughout the series, Stan can be found trying to sell various items to Guybrush, and during the first game you obtain a boat from him. These functions, along with how he is dressed and his name, are almost identical to Trader Stan's.
  • He is the answer to the clue RED ART TANS. He will give the player a puzzle box to solve
  • His suit slightly resembles that of the Prince Outfit, except it is yellow.
  • He used to sell buckets of sand.
  • He seems to be wearing a Tan cavalier.