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Trader Sven is a black market trader who runs Trader Sven's Black Market Goods which sells Vyrewatch clothing for 650 coins each (1950 coins total), or the Citizen clothing set for 6 coins each (18 coins total).

While wearing the vyrewatch clothing, players are less likely to be caught by the Vyrewatch and forced to give a blood tithe while making their way through the city. His shop, which is a general store, can be useful for players hunting Vampyre juveniles and Vampyre juvinates because players can sell the noted rewards from the former vampyres to the general store. He can be found in the southern parts of Meiyerditch.

To access his shop, players must ask him what he does here.


  • Multiple Svens exist in Meiyerditch. One just south of Old Man Ral, one in the middle of Sector 1 and one near the castle with vampyre juveniles and vampyre juvinates. In addition, one of the Meiyerditch citizens resembles Sven.
  • Funnily enough, he does not have many features a normal citizen does, such as bleeding faces and pale skin.