• Player: Good day to you.
  • Armour Salesman: And to you. Can I help you?
    • Player: What do you do here?

What do you do here?

  • Armour Salesman: I am a supplier of leather armours and accessories. Ask and I will tell you what I know.
    • Player: Tell me about your armours.
      • Armour salesman: I have normal, studded and hard types.
        • Player: Tell me about normal leather.
          • Armour salesman: Indeed, lather armour is excellent for archers. It's supple and not very heavy.
        • Player: What's studded leather?
          • Armour salesman: Ah now that's leather covered with studs. It's more protective than ordinary leather.
        • Player: What's hard leather?
          • Armour salesman: Hard leather is specially treated using oils and drying methods to create a hard wearing armour.
        • Player: Enough about armour.
          • Armour salesman: As you wish, traveller.

Tell me about your accessories

  • Player: Tell me about your accessories.
    • Armour salesman: Ah yes we have a new range accessories in stock. Essential items for an archer like you.
    • Armour salesman: We have vambraces, chaps, cowls, and coifs.
      • Player: Tell me about vambraces.
        • Armour salesman: Ah yes, vambraces. These useful items are for your arms.
        • Armour salesman: A protective sheath that favours the bow and arrow. An essential purchase.
      • Player: Tell me about chaps.
        • Armour salesman: Chaps have two functions; firstly to protect your legs, and secondly for ease of reloading arrows.
        • Armour salesman: I can highly recommend these to you for quick archery.
      • Player: Tell me about cowls.
        • Armour salesman: The cowl is a soft leather hat, ideal for protection with manouverability[sic].
        • Armour salesman: These are highly favoured with our guards.
      • Player: Tell me about coifs.
        • Armour salesman: The coif is a specialized cowl, that has extra chain protection to keep your neck and shoulders safe.
        • Armour salesman: An excellent addition to our range, traveller.
      • Player: Enough about accessories.
        • Armour salesman: As you wish.
  • Player: I've seen enough, thanks.
    • Armour salesman: Very good, adventurer.

I'd like to see what you sell

  • Player: I'd like to see what you sell.
    • Armour salesman: Indeed, cast your eyes upon my wares, adventurer.
    • -opens shop-
  • Player: I've seen enough, thanks.
    • Armour salesman: Very good, adventurer.
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